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    • Hot Products January 2020

      Hot Products, Latest Home Improvement Products January 13, 2020 Sonia

      Home / Mobile Security Cameras While there has been a surge of recent security cameras that tap into your Wi-Fi and allow you to keep an eye on things, but what do you do when there’s no access to Wi-Fi but still need eyes on the area? VOSKER Mobile 4G or LTE surveillance cameras don’t require Wi-Fi or any wired […]

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    • Introducing the NEW UNIVERSAL Attic Dek Panel

      Attic, Home Improvement Products, Hot Products, Latest Home Improvement Products December 16, 2019 chad

      Attic Dek is the only storage system designed specifically for the unfinished areas over a garage or under a roof. These lightweight easy-to-manage panels can be installed by even the most inexperienced homeowner in only about 15 minutes.     Attic Dek was originally introduced in 2005 to solve a simple need, with a simple solution. This  innovative product quickly […]

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    • Hot Products

      Hot Products November 27, 2019 Sonia

      Speedheater Cobra Infrared Paint Remover The Speedheater Cobra Infrared Paint Remover softens multiple layers of paint and varnish in less than 5 seconds. The 3-by-3-in. metal head gets into tight spaces and works well on detailed woodwork and carvings. Its light weight of 22 ounces saves wrist and arm strain which traditional, mechanical paint removers often cause. With extra moisture […]

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    • November Hot Products

      Hot Products November 11, 2019 Sonia

      WiseBond Epoxy Kits DeckWise, The Ipe Clip Fastener Company, known for their hidden deck fasteners and hardwood finishes, now offers WiseBond Commercial Grade Epoxy Kits and colorants. WiseBond Deep Pour Epoxy is a premium commercial-grade thick casting resin allowing up to 2 inches of depth in a single pour, perfect for live-edge river tables and large object casting applications. This […]

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