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      Hot Products July 16, 2018 Sonia

      ONE SHOT SHOVELS Root Assassin Garden Tool Co. are known for their patented Root Assassin Shovel & Saw ( 48- and 32-in. D-Handle), popular with anyone needing to slice through roots “like butta!” when transplanting trees and bushes, clearing overgrown areas, trimming tree branches, irrigation trenching and more. Root Assassin’s new One Shot Shovel follows the same innovative style, incorporating […]

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    • June Hot Products

      Hot Products May 22, 2018 Sonia

      WORX 20V 6-1/2 IN. CIRCULARSAW WITH EXACTTRACK The new Worx cordless circular saw has an innovative feature that’s not available on any other saw in the marketplace. The 20V 6-1/2 in. Circular Saw with ExacTrack takes the guesswork out of straight-line cutting by incorporating a tracking guide that enables accurate rip cuts. Making accurate rip cuts in dimensional lumber, such […]

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    • May Hot Products

      Hot Products April 30, 2018 Sonia

      Lufkin Self-Centering Tape Measure Crescent/Lufkin introduced a redesigned version of its popular Self-Centering Tape Measure, which makes finding the midpoint of measurements quick and easy. Improvements include a new ergonomic case for added comfort and a quad-rivet end hook for extended blade life. The Self-Centering Tape Measure is perfect for hanging pictures, finding the midpoints of walls, and many other […]

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    • April Hot Products

      Hot Products March 27, 2018 Sonia

      Trim-A-Slab Are open expansion joints in your driveway growing weeds, or even getting dangerous? Are you tired of spraying chemicals, or find that the caulk-like materials are too messy to apply, and they just don’t look nice? The alternative to the traditional cure-in-place sealants is a new method of expansion joint repair using elastomeric seals. Trim-A-Slab is a flexible, rubber-like […]

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    • March Hot Products

      Hot Products February 27, 2018 Sonia

      Deckorators Vault, Frontier Decking Warrantied for Water and Ground Contact The warranty for Deckorators brand Vault and Frontier decking has been expanded to include water and ground contact, making Deckorators one of the only brands in the industry to stand behind installations in, or in contact with, water or ground. The Vault and Frontier decking are now backed by a […]

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    • Holiday Gift Guide

      Hot Products, Tool Reviews December 5, 2017 Sonia

      Who needs shopping malls? Extreme How-To has got you covered for the holidays. We’ve collected a list of cool gift ideas for virtually every member of your family. Give your wife some drill bits. Give your husband a Tire Plugger. You know what your mother-in-law would love to own? A new forestry axe. Get the ribbons and the wrapping paper, […]

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    • Hot Products

      Hot Products November 20, 2017 Sonia

      Champion 3500-Watt Digital Hybrid Generator Champion Power Equipment’s new Digital Hybrid is 50 percent quieter and 20 percent lighter than a traditional 3500-watt generator. This feature-packed power solution includes Quiet Technology, which is achieved by integrating digital components used in more advanced inverters. The Digital Hybrid also has an efficient mechanical design that decreases its overall footprint and weight. Additional […]

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    • November Hot Products

      Hot Products October 30, 2017 Sonia

      Tub Surround Upgrades Made Easier The process of waterproofing a tub surround before tile installation has just been made easier with the Schluter-KERDI-TUBKIT.  The main component of the kit is a roll of Schluter-KERDI, a sheet-applied waterproofing membrane made of pliable polyethylene that is covered on both sides with fleece webbing. Before the tiles are installed, the sheet membrane is […]

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    • October Hot Products

      Hot Products October 4, 2017 Sonia

      2000 Series Garage Doors from Haas Door The energy-efficient 2000 Series garage doors from Haas Door are 2 inches thick and have an R-value of 17.66. The heavy-gauge galvanized steel doors include embossed wood grain and are filled with dense CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation to help give them superior energy efficiency. A full thermal break is used in the tongue-and-groove […]

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    • September Hot Products

      Hot Products August 28, 2017 Sonia

      Bloxygen This is the secret that the paint companies don’t want you to know.  Using ultra-pure inert gas, Bloxygen (for “Blocks Oxygen”) can be used to preserve your leftover finishes so you can use every drop. No more waste, no more crust, no more hazardous waste. Just spray Bloxygen, seal, and store your leftover finishes as long as you want. Normally, […]

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