October Hot Products

Hi-Velocity HVAC System

The Hi-Velocity System is an energy-efficient, high-pressure air delivery system that can be designed to provide heating, cooling, filtration, ventilation, humidification and dehumidification. Unlike a conventional furnace, the supply ductwork is all “small diameter” or “mini duct,” and the system works on the principle of pressure rather than air velocity. With the use of a high pressure area to low pressure area, the air in the room is continuously mixed, creating even temperatures from floor to ceiling. Because the plenum duct is pressurized, dust buildup within the ductwork is eliminated. With continuous air circulation from the constant fan, airborne dust and other allergens can be easily filtered out of the air. The innovative fan coil and unique heating and cooling technologies help create a healthier and more enjoyable indoor living environment, and the Energy Smart Variable Frequency Drive Motor will help save money on your heating bills. Visit www.hi-velocity.com.



LuxWalk is a new high-performing underlayment engineered specifically to cushion floating or glue-down Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and to effectively soothe impact sound and floor-to-ceiling noise. In a recent laboratory IIC test measuring the impact sound transmission performance of LuxWalk installed under 5mm floating luxury vinyl tile over 6-in. concrete with no ceiling, the assembly achieved an excellent sound rating of 52—higher than the rating of 50 that the IBC (International Building Code) suggests. And in a recent STC test that evaluated the ability of LuxWalk installed under 5mm floating LVT with no ceiling, the assembly achieved the same outstanding 52. With thinner LVT, the numbers are higher yet. LuxWalk adds the right amount of cushioning under LVT, which can otherwise easily compress to the base when pressure is applied, and minimizes impressions and indentations that can occur in the finished floor. Visit www.quietwalk.com.


Squeak-No-More Floor Kit

The Squeeeeek No More kit is a cost-effective tool for stopping squeaks in carpeted floors. The tool installs from above the floor with special scored screws that pass through the carpet without damaging it. First, locate the floor joist with the joist-finding tool provided. Then, use the pronged fixture to guide the screw down as far as it will go. The screws tighten the floor boards beneath the carpet to prevent movement that causes the squeak. Finish the repair by using the fixture to snap off the screw’s head, concealing the fastener beneath the floor surface.

Midi-Tub by Bathtubs for Pets within Arbogast Homes2

Midi-Tub for Pets

What was once just an afterthought to most homeowners and homebuilders, the family mudroom, utility room, garage or patio is quickly becoming pet-friendly with new designs, including pet bathing stations. Bathtubs for Pets, the newest brand from Forever Stainless Steel, offers the Midi-Tub, an animal bathtub specifically designed and sized for bathing small and medium sized pets in any home. Crafted of durable 14-gauge stainless steel and fully welded, the Midi-Tub installs quickly and easily into any residential setting—and can serve double-duty as an elegant utility sink. Available in two sizes, one main feature of the Midi-Tub is the patented elevating platform complete with padded comfort mat. Small-to-medium sized pets stand on the elevating platform, which can be raised and lowered to a height that works for everyone involved. The padded mat includes drainage holes that give animals a reassuring standing surface for added comfort and traction. The platform can also serve as a convenient drying or brushing station. Additional accessories are available for the Midi-Tub to create the ideal pet-bathing station, including a bottle and tool holder tray, choice of two faucet fixtures and even a professional-quality pet dryer. Visit www.BathtubsForPets.com.


Samuel Heath Style Moderne Faucets

Samuel Heath’s Style Moderne faucet collection elegantly combines an Art Deco style with a contemporary feel. By combining the latest technology with quality craftsmanship, the Style Moderne basin mixer is a perfect solution for a modern yet classic bathroom. The new high-spout, three-hole basin mixer with gloss black chrome levers and pop-up waste is made in England from the finest materials, hand craftsmanship and a high-quality plating process to ensure a flawless finish. Visit www.samuel-heath.com


My Mold Detective

My Mold Detective is the first professional-grade Mold Test Kit for consumer use that provides property owners with fast, affordable, reliable and quantifiable indoor mold concentration reports. By collecting mold samples of indoor and outdoor air with an air pump and a patented spore-trap cassette, My Mold Detective provides the same accurate assessment of mold presence as expensive professionals, but at a fraction of the cost. Testing for mold in the air and surfaces is fast and easy. My Mold Detective also includes “tape lift” sampling that identifies mold on surfaces. When time is of the essence, 48-hour turnaround on My Mold Detective’s easy-to-read lab analysis is available. The product is sold as a complete kit to test for mold in one room. Additional spore cassettes are available, and the pump can be reused indefinitely. (Testing is paid directly to a third-party laboratory for an additional fee.) Visit www.mymolddetective.com.



CaptureSuperDeck Transparent Wood Stain was developed over 20 years ago to meet the demands of a variety of extreme climates found in California. From the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the low and damp northern coastlines to the dry heat of the valleys and deserts, Superdeck is a consumer and contractor favorite due to the ease of use and long-lasting results. The oil-based formula |penetrates deep into wood fibers for years of enjoyment and protection against the elements in any climate. Superdeck is formulated to resist growth of mildew and algae on the coating’s surface. The three-oil formula repels water, just like water off a duck’s back. Its easy-to-apply, one-coat coverage lubricates wood fibers to reduce cracking and checking, and the product is VOC-compliant with formulas as low as 100 VOC. The transparent finish highlights the natural wood grain, and iron-oxide pigments provide maximum UV protection. Visit www.superdeck.com.

Roda_Cantour 935 door open no glare FINAL lo res 11-18-14

Basco Adjustable-Width Cantour Shower Door

Basco Manufacturing has combined the best features of custom-built, luxury shower enclosures with the functionality and attractive pricing of standard models. The new Cantour Door delivers industry-leading adjustment flexibility of up to six inches for easy installation. The Cantour Adjustable Width Door and Panel has a wide variety of opening sizes with its modular design and five different size glass panels and two different size glass door panels, which are all available at a 76-in. height. The design makes the range of adjustment ideal for heavy glass doors. The five opening sizes range from 32 to 60 inches and are available in three finish options: chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze. Additional features include a 3/8-in. swing door with offset pivot hinge and 1/2-in. inline panel, with the Clear and AquaGlideXP clear glass options.


Noritz EZTR40 Tankless Water Heater

Noritz is the first tankless manufacturer to offer a condensing residential unit with top-mounted connections and flexible venting through the existing B-vent, making the replacement of 40-gallon, tank water heaters easier and more affordable than ever. Designed to replace a conventional tank-type heater for two-bath residences in warm-weather climates, the new EZTR40 streamlines the replacement process with three key features. The EZTR40 vents with 2-in., flexible polypropylene tubing that is threaded directly through the existing B-vent formerly used by the tank water heater it is replacing. In addition, water connections are located on the top of the EZTR40, not the bottom. This allows the flexible hot-and-cold-water lines used by the tank-type water heater to be quickly and easily reconnected to the new EZTR40. Not only does this save time traditionally spent creating new plumbing around the tankless unit, but it also gives the final application a cleaner look. The EZTR40 also uses the same 1/2-in. gas line used by the old tank unit, which eliminates the need to up-size to 3/4-in. run in replacement situations. This cuts labor time in half while avoiding the material cost for new gas piping, resulting in a substantially reduced installed cost to the homeowner. Visit www.noritz.com.


Hot Product

DeckWise® Hardwood Wrench Jr.™

Builders and contractors enjoy tools that are specifically designed for a job and when it comes to minimizing job-site time, they turn to the DeckWise® tool line! Deck installers and contractors know our original Hardwood Wrench™ is the beefiest, most stout deck board bending tool on the market! DeckWise® has scaled down the Hardwood Wrench™ to a “junior” size for the DIYer, […]