Greenworks 60v Product Lineup


  • DIY Garage Floor Project

    Automotive, Basement, Flooring Installation, Garage Flooring, Garages, Projects, Workshop July 16, 2020 chad

      Like many people, John Gwinn is tired of sitting at home, doing nothing. He decided to invest his time in home improvement projects, starting with a new garage floor. Gwinn, a resident of San Diego, Calif. says “I decided this is the perfect time for home projects. I needed something to transform our sealed concrete floor so I started […]

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  • Install a Pair of Truck Steps for Easy Access

    Automotive July 12, 2019 Sonia

    By Larry Walton My Chevy Silverado 4×4 is still on the stock suspension, which is not very tall, but there are times when it would be nice to have a step for getting in. My wife and I are a bit spoiled because we usually have power steps on our trucks. We haven’t put power steps on this truck because […]

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  • Six Weird Tips for Cleaning Your Car

    Automotive March 21, 2019 Sonia

    Keeping your car clean is work that demands time, but if you do it regularly, the results will be worth it. A car needs maintenance every now and then, to keep its engine parts in optimal condition and the vehicle looking presentable. Cleaning your car does not only have to do with the way it looks but will extend the […]

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  • Replace a Camshaft Position Sensor

    Automotive February 26, 2019 Sonia

    By Matt Weber If your vehicle acts as if it has the flu, it could mean the camshaft position sensor needs to be replaced. If the engine idles roughly, stalls frequently, has a drop in power, accelerates slowly, sputters or sounds like it has a nagging cough, your camshaft position (CMP) sensor could be failing. If left unaddressed, the engine […]

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