Kobalt’s New Mechanic’s Tool Line Launch Hendrick Motorsports Charlotte, NC. May 2011 Full Length Video

If your Kobalt Tool and part of the Lowe’s Group, and sponsor of Five Time NASCAR Champion Jimmy Johnson, who could better tell the story of your overhaul of the Kobalt Mechanic’s line of tools than the folks with Car #48. So a few of us were lucky enough to compete in a motor build with the crew of the Lowes/Kobalt race team as our crew chiefs.  You know you are picking in high cotton when you are sliding a piston in from the bottom and peering in from the cylinder hole is Chad Knauss and Ron Malec, Car 48 Car Chief is on the top side helping with alignment of the connecting rod.
With its newer version, Kobalt improved its line to the point where the Number One team in NASCAR will be sporting Kobalt Tools in the pits, garage and shop.  With millions of dollars at stake, this is high praise to Greg Palese and his team at Kobalt, job well done my friend.

Kobalt Mechanics Tool Line Launch Hendrick Motorsports Motor Build

The real star of the video is Kobalt. The improved version of its sockets and its 72 tooth ratchet were noticable right away. When you are working on an engine, truthfully you don’t want to even think about the tools you are using, if you do, then you probably have a problem with your tools. I think all of the editors in attendance who have mechanical experience, probably didn’t even have to think about what line of tools they were using once the build started. We were all just building motors and the tools did what tools are supposed to. They work and they work well. And Kobalt’s price point is far below its competition for a tool of this quality. So when you are in your local Lowe’s. stop by the Kobalt section, grab the ratchet and give it a spin. Now think about the last time you were working underneath a vehicle and you were banging your knuckles into the framework trying to get your ratchet to ratchet. Now think how that experience would have been different with a short throw ratchet like the new Kobalt. Fewer busted knuckles makes me happier, and it will make you happier also.



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