Fontanot Arke Stairs


  • Install a Retractable Door Screen

    Construction How-To, Doors March 3, 2017 Sonia

    By Matt Weber Bugs… Nobody wants them inside their house, but that’s what was flying through the big rips in our previous back-door screen. The old screen had draped the doorway, split in the middle and weighted at the bottom. It worked fine for a while, but an impatient cocker-spaniel and a headstrong one-year-old eventually tore it to shreds while […]

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  • How To Build an Arched Doorway

    Construction How-To, Doors, Projects, Remodeling March 22, 2016 Sonia

    Geometry Lessons from a Math Teachers’ Past By Clint Thomas, Photos by Zoe Thomas How many of us asked at least once, and probably multiple times during our academic careers, “Why are we learning this? I’m never going to use this.” I asked the same question quite often in math and geometry classes throughout my schooling. However, it is ironic […]

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