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    • Paint Sprayers, Big and Small

      Construction How-To, Tool Reviews, Tools August 2, 2017 Sonia

      By Matt Weber There’s no secret to the advantages of a sprayed paint finish. If applied correctly, spraying a coat of paint will result in a smooth uniform finish without runs or brush marks. And when it comes to selecting what tools to use to spray the paint, DIY’ers and pros alike now have more options than ever. Touch-up In […]

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    • Heavy-Duty Storage Solutions

      Storage, Tools July 12, 2017 Sonia

      By Matt Weber I recently spent a few days at the Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. I toured the facility, explored the company’s Product Quality and Engineering Laboratory, and got a peek at the latest in tools and equipment from the premiere brands that will stock store shelves this year. When it comes to tool storage, the Depot has […]

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