Rapid Rafter-A Revolutionary New Dual-Sided Square

The Rapid Rafter dual-sided square enhances workflow and product quality with time efficiency and accuracy with every measurement.

The Rapid Rafter is a much needed innovation to the traditional rafter square that has not changed in almost 100 years. Lumber, however, HAS changed. There’s more radius edge on lumber and more sapwood with wane that makes it more difficult to find a true perpendicular with a traditional speed square. Using Rapid Rafter, a dual speed square, allows the carpenter to lay out and mark ridges, hips, valleys and rafter tails with greater speed and accuracy that results in a significant reduction in work time. 

Rapid Rafter

Key Features:

Time Efficiency When Opened:

The magic happens when the square is opened and placed over the timber and allows the user to mark three sides of the board at once from the same location. 

Compact Design When Closed:

First and foremost, while the rapid rafter is a true innovation, in its closed position it is only .1 inch larger and 1.2 ounces heavier than the traditional 1-dimensional version but still contains the standard markings, scribe lines and angles and fits easily into your nail bag. Rapid Rafter replaces your existing speed square when in the closed position with all the same markings and angles. 

Construction of Tool:

The Rapid Rafter has been made in the USA and created from an extremely strong proprietary blend of high impact plastic.  It has been purposely engineered / designed to come apart to allow for the addition of various spine widths and has been equipped with metal fittings that will allow for the easy addition of a torpedo level when needed for plumb cuts.

Rapid Rafter was developed by Peter Toomey, a building contractor with 40 years of experience in the construction industry. In 1984 he began a deck building business in Austin, Texas, and has been building and framing decks, gazebos, pergolas and outdoor kitchens and continues in that business today.  With a meticulous eye for detail and the consistent need for accuracy in structures that contain open rafters and exposed stain grade wood, he re-invented the speed square, not only to  improve the speed of marking timbers but also to improve accuracy. He has been joined in this venture by his two sons and hopes that this product can improve the lives and businesses of contractors and independent carpenters everywhere.

“We are proud to introduce this dual sided square, a true game changer for professionals who value work time efficiency and accuracy in their work,” said Peter Toomey, the inventor of Rapid Rafter.  “Our commitment to innovation extends beyond the product itself; it’s about enhancing the workflow of the professionals who rely on our tools. Our goal is to provide a tool that seamlessly integrates into workflow and empowers professionals to elevate their craft and achieve outstanding results project after project.”

Rapid Rafter is available online at The Home Depot, Amazon, and their website. To explore the features and benefits of Rapid Rafter, visit www.rapidrafter.com.



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