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  • Making a Man Cave

    Basement, Construction How-To, Man Cave, Remodeling April 12, 2016 Sonia

    Here’s Phase II of a basement Renovation—The Finish Line By Mark Clement In Phase I of our renovation we spent time on infrastructure, converting a beat-down basement to a diesel dungeon for the men of the house. Phase II occurs after the demolition is over, the walls are framed, and insulation has been installed. This second phase requires layout work […]

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  • DIY Basement Renovation

    Basement, Construction How-To January 14, 2016 Sonia

    The Heros Behind the Walls. DIY Basement Renovation By Mark Clement I’m getting a man cave! I’m getting a man cave! I’m taking my beat-down, dirty basement and giving it a hyperdrive trick-out. I’m saying no to water on the floor, heck no to smelly drinking water, and goodbye to mold in the air. I’m saying yes to a bathroom […]

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