Basement Organization in 3 Steps


Now that the cold weather is upon us, why not spend some time organizing indoor spaces that have been overlooked during the warm summer months? The basement may be a good place to start.

Many homeowners have discovered that the basement can provide a much needed storage area for photos, important papers, holiday decorations and more – but only if it’s dry and free from mold & mildew growth.

But thanks to advances in waterproofing technology, reclaiming your basement is easier than you think! To transform your basement into the ideal storage area, follow these few easy steps from the home improvement experts at Zinsser:

Step One: Clean your basement walls to get rid of dirt, grease and other contaminants. Kill any existing mold and mildew with a simple household bleach and water solution. And patch any holes and cracks with Watertite™ Hydraulic Cement, especially those that show signs of active water leaks. It creates a water-tight seal in just 5 minutes.

Step Two: Apply two coats of a waterproofer with mold and mildew protection, like Watertite-LX Mold & Mildew-Proof Waterproofing Paint to keep water out and mold and mildew away. It offers protection against water intrusion and a 5-year mold and mildew-proof paint film guarantee. Watertite-LX is low-odor, easy to apply and dries to a bright white finish. Or have it tinted to an off-white or pastel shade that suits your style – plus, it’s an easy way to customize your storage area.

Step Three: Complete your organized basement with plastic bins and metal shelves. Organize papers, files and photos into separate bins for easy finding. Using shelves to store boxes will help you keep organized and free up floor space – creating an even larger storage area!

For more information on Watertite and other products for the long-term prevention of mold and mildew, visit for more helpful home improvement tips.


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