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Cutting Tools

    • New Jigs and Accessories

      Cutting Tools, Drills, Tool Reviews, Tools June 27, 2014 Sonia

      By Matt Weber             Jigs and tool accessories provide a handy way to get more efficiency, more versatility or more accuracy from your powered equipment. Attach an auger to your drill/driver to plant a garden. Use an angle gauge to transfer a tricky crown molding angle to your miter saw. With the right accessories your […]

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    • Circular Saws 2013

      Cutting Tools, Outdoors, Power Tools, Saws April 26, 2013 Sonia

      Next to the trusty electric drill, a good handheld circular saw is the must-have tool for the pro handyman and DIY homeowner alike. No other saw can perform as many cutting tasks in such an affordable and storage-friendly package. From ripping, cross-cutting, plunge-cutting and more, circ saws can cut partial kerfs, beveled edges and compound angles. Today’s next-generation saws have […]

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