PacTool Announces New Cordless Snapper Shear Pro For Curved/Circle Cuts

Cut Fiber Cement Boards with Ease Indoors, With Less Mess, Dust & Airborne Toxins

Forget about score and snap – PacTool’s new Snapper Shear Pro is designed to fit on any cordless drill, making backer board cuts fast and easy indoors, with less mess and airborne silica dust.

The new, unique cutting shear is designed to enable users to cut circles and curves into backer board as small as a 3” diameter, as well as straight and 90° cuts. Ideal for cutting shapes for toilet flanges, hardware, outlets and corners in kitchen and bathroom installations or remodels. The Snapper Shear Pro fits onto any cordless drill platform – it’s as easy as changing out a bit. Eliminate airborne dust, and work smarter with the new PacTool Snapper Shear Pro.

Features Include:
• Cut ¼”- ½” HardieBacker® fiber cement backer board indoors with less mess
• Cut straight, curved, circle and 90° cuts with ease, as small as a 3” diameter
• Attaches to any drill motor (recommended 18V and above)
• Durable and replaceable steel blades
• Adjustable left or right handle

“The PacTool Snapper Shear Pro attaches to any cordless drill and gives contractors and remodelers the ability to cut HardieBacker™ fiber cement backer board with straight, curved, or corner cuts anywhere with less mess,” says Greg Bonsib, General Tools VP of marketing. “PacTool is known for its innovation in fiber cement installation tools and the Snapper Shear Pro builds on this legacy.”

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About PacTool

PacTool is known for leading products in the construction, renovation and remodeling segments. Their products include the Gecko Gauge, which holds fiber cement siding in place during installation and can reduce labor requirements by half; Snapper Shears, a collection of dust-free cutting tools; and the Roof Snake nail puller and shingle replacers.
PacTool is part of General Tools, a recognized leader in the design and development of precision tools. With more than 1,200 products, including specific-purpose hand tools as well as precision measuring and inspection tools, General Tools remains committed to delivering exceptional customer service to professionals, DIYers and hobbyists around the world. For more about General Tools and its products, visit:

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