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      Latest Home Improvement Products June 24, 2019 Sonia

      One way to add value to your home is to add a new addition. An unused basement is an existing addition. Of course, the finished look is important, carpet, tile, laminate or wood: but it’s equally important to insulate the floor! Why spend the money to finish a room if it does not improve comfort and quality? Insulating the basement […]

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    • GRATEDEX® Floating Floor

      Latest Home Improvement Products June 20, 2019 Sonia

      Outdoor Floor System® is a durable decking technology for placing porcelain, thin gauged stone, paver grade material or mixed media–i.e turf, plant beds, rubber pavers– placed in any orientation, uniform or mixed modular sizes, over joist framing on an elevated deck or waterproofed rooftop terrace on pedestals. It utilizes components that are inert to moisture and the damaging effects of freeze-thaw cycles. The GRATEDEX® floating floor uses a proprietary design with a snap-in […]

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