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Latest Home Improvement Products

    • Paint Poncho

      Latest Home Improvement Products March 12, 2019 Sonia

      Need to take a break from your painting project? These handy plastic protectors fit over your brush or roller and keep them protected for up to one week. Paint Poncho’s are made from eco-friendly EVA plastic for greater durability and feature an elastic pull cord and spring lock closure system to allow for easy use and reuse. The frosted appearance even becomes […]

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    • Exterior Trim: Get Every Detail Right

      Latest Home Improvement Products March 8, 2019 Sonia

      Royal 100% Cellular PVC Trim The most stunning homes in the neighborhood have one trait in common: the perfect finishing touch to complete their curb appeal. Royal Building Products’ trim and moulding options provide every option you need to fully express your home, no matter what architectural style you’re working with. Maximum charisma and minimal maintenance go hand in hand—whether […]

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    • Pactrim

      Latest Home Improvement Products March 6, 2019 Sonia

      Regardless of the design style, the addition of interior mouldings and wall treatments add depth and character, and can turn a simple room into an inviting, beautiful space. So, if you’re just dreaming, are in the design stage, or ready to install, look for Pac Trim ® products to set your home apart. Manufactured in the United States and Canada, […]

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    • Bloxygen

      Latest Home Improvement Products March 5, 2019 Sonia

      “We’ve all been there.  You work for many hours on building your project, take the time to sand and clean it, get out your best brush, put your gloves on only to realize that the leftover varnish you intended to use has skinned over and hardened in the can.  This can result in frustration, a hazardous waste disposal issue, and […]

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