The Simple Way to Add a New Grip

What do you do when the grip on your favorite tool has a worn out grip or no grip at all? Re-Grip it! Re-Grip is the simple, affordable way to add a new grip to any handle, lever, or tool within seconds and with no mess. Significantly improving the few options on the market, Re-Grip is a non-slip grip that increases personal safety while also providing maximum comfort and reducing muscle fatigue.

Finding replacement grips for favorite tools or equipment has long been a problem. Usually specific to a particular tool or application, replacement grips are often hard to find and difficult to install. Other solutions, such as dipping, are messy and duct tape is sticky and wears off. But with Re-Grip, you can add a new grip to just about any cylindrical or semi-cylindrical handle without glue or heat.

Re-Grip comes in three diameters — indicated by color coded packaging — to fit a range of needs. Its versatility is truly what makes it remarkable. The Re-Grip is a perfect solution for tools of all kinds, including lawn and garden, construction, garage, home, outdoors, and more.

Using the product couldn’t be faster or easier. Anyone can do it. The elastic grip is held extended by an inner coil, forming a tube. Slide the Re-Grip onto the handle, ensuring the pull-tab is at the object’s base. Hold the Re-Grip securely in position, where you would like your new grip, and pull the tab to unwind the inner coil. The elastic grip will constrict and form snugly around the handle.

Re-Grip is also made with an extremely durable rubber that provides mechanical and environmental protection while enhancing comfort for the user. The grips are UV resistant, chemical and dip tested, ensuring ruggedness and long-term use.

While the patented product is creating a buzz in the household, it’s impacting big business as well. Durability, ergonomics and it’s non-slip properties make Re-Grip an ideal solution for enhancing safety at home and  in the workplace. This is especially the case where handles and levers are old, worn out, or have jagged edges that can cause injury. Items with molded hard grips on levers, presses, hand trucks, and various tools can have sharp edges or splinters. Re-Grip facilitates in minimizing exposure to the risks of injury.

With all of these function and safety benefits, it comes as no surprise that numerous articles have been written about Re-Grip within multiple markets, including DIY media outlets, such as the Home and Garden Network channel (HGTV) and the DIY Network TV show “I Want That”.  The product has also been featured on the Home and Garden Network channel (HGTV) and the DIY Network TV show “I Want That”.

But the media aren’t the only ones to take notice. Re-Grip has won numerous awards for it’s safety and innovation in design. These include the 2017 Edison Awards (Finalist); 2016 HSN & Good Housekeeping’s “American Dreams Initiative” (Finalist); and the 2016 National Hardware Show’s “Retailers’ Choice for Innovation” (Winner).

Re-Grip was created by John Vernieu and Pat Roscopf. In 2015, Preval®, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of spray products, added Re-Grip® to its portfolio of products. To learn more, or to purchase the Re-Grip, please visit

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