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Energy Efficiency

    • (Not) A Lot of Hot Air

      Construction How-To, Energy Efficiency, HVAC December 5, 2013 Sonia

      By Mark Clement How many of us really think about our HVAC system and its optimum performance? I mean really think about it. Sure, we change the filters, although not as often as we should, but as long as the air comes out, we’re comfy, and the utility bill is less than outrageous, then we focus on our crown molding, […]

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    • Solar Kit

      Energy Efficiency November 22, 2013 Sonia

                          Modern technology delivers convenience our ancestors couldn’t dream about. Of course, everything has a downside, and the main technology downside is energy consumption. We use a lot of energy, all the time, and at an ever increasing rate. This paradigm combined with massive industrialization in the developing world translates into […]

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