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Improved Products Make Your Home Built to Last

Move over Superman. The Man of Steel takes second place to the strength associated with many building products manufactured for today’s homes. In the “perfect storm” of technology, some of today’s windows, millwork and roofs are being built to withstand everything from hurricanes to wildfires.


During her research of product selection for the renovation of her 100-year-old home, home improvement expert Theresa Coleman has seen windows that can stand up to hurricane force winds and intrusion attempts. Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows feature reinforced vinyl frames with impact-resistant laminated glass. The windows are tested to withstand severe weather conditions, have excellent sound dampening qualities and can help deter intruders.

As if the threat of hurricane conditions aren’t enough to make a homeowner question their home’s structure, imagine a wildfire racing through your neighborhood. “I’ve seen homes with cedar shake shingles destroyed in minutes by fast-moving wildfires,” says Coleman, co-host of the home improvement radio show, MyFixItUpLife. “And then, right next to it will be an untouched home with synthetic DaVinci roofing tiles. These tiles have a Class A rating for fire retardance. The roofs can also withstand major hail storms and Category 4 hurricane-force winds. That’s impressive.”

Like many homeowners, Coleman is intrigued by the assembly and “inner workings” of building products. “It’s remarkable to see the components of a product like a decorative glass window,” says Coleman. “One of the Private Elegance windows I’ve seen from Hy-Lite/U S Block Windows actually has triple glazing in one window. There’s tempered glass inner and outer panes that protect the decorative leaded center pane which is all surrounded by a durable vinyl frame. This thermally-efficient window meets R-65 performance ratings and is made to last.”

Another product Coleman likes having around the home that’s built to last is decorative urethane pieces. “When we inspected the Fypon urethane shutters we could immediately tell that these solid decorative shutters could withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them,” says Coleman.

More resilient than wood or polypropylene shutters, the urethane shutters will not bow or fade over time. The double and triple panel shutters can not absorb water and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

“When I’m investing in products for our home or recommending products to friends, I’m always looking first at the durability of the product and its warranty,” says Coleman. “Just like every homeowner, I want products in my home that are solidly-constructed and tested for long-term durability.”

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