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Extreme How-To provides the latest information on tools, techniques and home-improvement technology for the extreme handyman. From residential and remodeling contractors to homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, our readers are serious about tackling a wide range of home-remodeling, landscaping and automotive jobs.To most, this work is not just a hobby but a passion, driving the Extreme How-To team to create a comprehensive resource for today’s do-it-yourselfer. Having the right equipment, materials and building strategies to complete these tasks is of crucial importance to protecting our readers’ most valuable asset – their home. Answering this demand, Extreme How-To provides tips on everything from adding a room, creating a patio or refinishing a deck, to installing a window, building a retaining wall or reconstructing a floor.

Extreme How-To
magazine sets itself apart from other home-improvement publications not only with dynamic graphic design, but also with an editorial focus that challenges its readers with professional-grade projects. We’re not building wind chimes here – our stories focus on the tough projects often relegated to remodeling contractors but doable for the seasoned handyman.Plus, Extreme How-To not only offers hard-hitting instructional editorial within the pages of the magazine, but we supplement this information right here on our web site, And with an ever-expanding subscription list and broad newsstand distribution, including home-improvement stores, Books-a-Million, and most major book outlets, Extreme How-To is rapidly gaining steam as a leader in the do-it-yourself world. Let’s face it, knowledge is power, and Extreme How-To’s mission is to put this power in the hands of people who know they can build it themselves, and build it better.


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