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  • Upgrade to a Glass Shower

    Bath, Construction How-To, Remodeling April 24, 2017 Sonia

    By Sarah Green Carmichael Photos By Ben Carmichael Photography If you’ve redone a bathroom lately—or even taken a peek inside a home design magazine or coffee table book—you know that one thing many desirable modern bathrooms have are frameless glass showers. When we were redoing our upstairs bathroom, we knew we wanted to upgrade from an old tub-and-shower-curtain configuration to […]

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  • Fan-tastic Bath Venting Tips

    Bath, Construction How-To, Projects, Remodeling March 22, 2017 Sonia

                Circulate fresh air and get rid of unwanted moisture. By Rob Robillard Prior to and even during a bathroom remodel, I often have conversations about tile and fixture layout, style and finish. But the conversation seldom leads to discussion of bathroom ventilation, issues like CFMs, minimizing ductwork and the placement of external heads and […]

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