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Bathroom renovations have topped the list of home remodeling projects for many years. As families grow, bathrooms need to keep up with the times. And, as new products are introduced to the market, consumers need to keep up with options that enhance bathroom remodeling projects.

Don Zeman, former host of the nationally syndicated home improvement radio show, Homefront with Don Zeman, focuses on new products and home improvement construction tips for his listeners. “When it comes to a bathroom remodel, it’s best to start from the ground up,” says Zeman, a former contractor. “Moisture is the biggest challenge in bathrooms. Homeowners need to do their research and use moisture- and mildew-resistant products in their remodeling efforts to stay ahead of the game.”

To resist bathroom mildew on the walls, Zeman recommends selecting paints especially made to combat the high moisture conditions found in bathrooms. “I’m a believer in Perma-White Mildew-Proof Bathroom Paint from Zinsser,” says Zeman. “Even under the toughest moisture conditions, this paint holds up. An added benefit is that the paint is self-priming, easy to apply and has a low odor. Plus, you can even paint ceramic tiles with this mildew-proof paint.”

Many bathroom projects need more than just paint for an upgrade. Along with replacing fixtures and plumbing, Zeman suggests homeowners review the ventilation of the room.

“Trapped moisture is a huge problem in many bathrooms, so I advise installing exhaust fans and operable windows,” says Zeman. “These days, you can have your privacy protected in the bathroom by installing operable acrylic block or decorative glass windows. I’ve seen casement and awning windows that open from Hy-Lite Products that do a good job of allowing in natural light and air while making it virtually impossible for people to see into the bathroom.”

For homeowners wishing to use clear glass windows in the bathroom to capture views, Zeman recommends considering vinyl replacement windows. “Nothing beats the low maintenance benefits of vinyl,” says Zeman. “I’ve found that Simonton Windows offers a good value for energy efficient, low maintenance vinyl replacement windows. To personalize the windows, there are lots of options available, like woodgrain laminate interiors, grid selections and unique sizes and shapes.”

Once the bathroom essentials are in place, don’t forget the decorative touches. “Urethane millwork is absolutely ideal for bathrooms because it resists moisture, humidity, warping and rotting,” says Zeman. “Wood mouldings become a burden to maintain in a bathroom. There are decorative crown mouldings, wall niches and shower surrounds I’ve installed from Fypon that hold up extremely well in humid bathroom areas.”

Editor’s note, Don has since passed away, but his words are still alive.


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