STEP Warmfloor® is the Home Renovation Upgrade of the Season: Low-voltage, Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Radiant Heating Solutions.

Innovative self-regulating, polymer heating technology that is installed underneath flooring to deliver the future of warmth, safety, and wellness.

Winter may be slowly evolving into Spring, but temperatures across the nation still beg for radiant heated floors, promising cozy footsteps on chilly mornings and evenings. Radiant floor heating is a safe and energy efficient way to keep your entire home warm, minimizing, and in some cases eradicating, the need for forced air heating, which circulates dust and aggravates allergies. Radiant floor heating is a great choice for homeowners looking for efficient heating, that leads to better indoor air quality and healthier spaces[1]. STEP Warmfloor, brings a safe and reliable radiant floor heating solution to warm every floor in your home, delivering energy efficient heat for comfortable, even distribution. Feel the future with STEP Warmfloor, the alignment of nature and engineering.

STEP Warmfloor is a 24 Volt AC/DC heating system that warms the air by heating the objects within the space from the ground up. Forced air blows dry heated air into a room only for the temperature to fluctuate when the system turns off.  STEP Warmfloor is comprised of a unique self-regulating heating element that decreases its electrical consumption when the ambient temperature increases. This maintains a comfortable environment and makes for a system that is energy efficient and does not overheat.

Radiant heat systems can warm cold tile floors. Photo courtesy STEP Warmfloor.

Made of a proprietary electrically-conductive polymer material, STEP Warmfloor products can be used in multiple applications. Their residential products are perfect for homeowners who seek the best technologies and products to improve their way of life, as well as architects seeking cutting-edge heating systems for their developments.

STEP Warmfloor products are installed by laying out the heating elements to the pre-designed layout and connecting to a low-voltage electrical power supply. The elements can be put under any non-conductive floor covering be it hardwood, ceramic or porcelain tiles, natural stone, laminate, or carpet.

Its Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) nanotechnology is self-regulating by nature and allows the elements to use maximum power to heat up in cold conditions and decrease electrical power as the environment warms up. STEP Warmfloor products are energy efficient and safe because they cannot overheat. To be even more energy efficient STEP Warmfloor operates on extra-low-voltage, AC or DC, and can be connected directly to renewable energy, such as solar or wind.

Being AC / DC and self-regulating STEP Warmfloor is the future of radiant heating, one of optimized energy efficiency, warmth, safety, and wellness.

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