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Electrostatic air furnace filters are gaining more and more popularity recently. What are electrostatic air filters? They are permanent filters for your home air conditioning/furnace system.

The typical homeowner will purchase and throw away a disposable air filter every month. An electrostatic air filter offers an alternative to this because they are permanent. You simply wash the air filter and re-use it again and again. Most electrostatic air filters last for seven or more years and come with a lifetime warranty.

The additional benefit to purchasing a permanent air filter is that they are about 10 times more efficient then the standard disposable filter. By switching to a permanent electrostatic air filter, the air inside your home will be cleaner and fresher. is a leading manufacturer and retailer of electrostatic air filters. They sell for $40-$50 each and you’ll quickly realize the many benefits of these filters including:

o   Permanent – Never Buy Another Filter

o   Trap 10x’s more dust than standard disposable air filters

o   Lifetime Warranty

o   Save Money in the long run

o   Go Green – Keep disposable filters out of landfills


Common Questions

How do electrostatic air filters work?
They work by using specially engineered fibers that produce an electric charge (like static electricity) that collects air pollutants and traps them in the filter so they stay out of the air you breathe.

Where do I install an electrostatic air filter?
They should be placed in the same place your current air filter is located. Most air filters are located either next to the furnace or at the end of a large return vent. Just replace your current disposable air filter with the same size permanent electrostatic air filter.

How do I clean and maintain my electrostatic air filter?
Simply remove the air filter, spray ZAP! air filter cleaner on the dirty side, flush the opposite side with water, rinse thoroughly to remove remaining dirt, let air dry and reinstall.

Visit to learn more and purchase an electrostatic air filter.

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