40V SmartTrek™ Mower The Cordless Advantage

At first glance, this new RYOBI Mower may look like a high-end gas mower, but don’t be fooled; there’s a lot more to it. The RYOBI 40V SmartTrek™ Mower combines top-of-the-line features with the latest in battery and motor technology to take cordless mowers to a whole new level.

Advanced Motor Technology

One of the biggest breakthroughs in cordless tools has been the adoption of brushless motors. Unlike conventional brushed motors, brushless motors are more powerful, durable and efficient. In addition to those features, this mower’s intelligent brushless motor can sense changing load levels. This translates to the mower automatically maintaining optimal cutting speeds by ramping up the power in overgrown areas and, when additional power is not needed, optimizing the battery’s run time.

Lightweight, Compact High-Capacity Lithium-ion Batteries

The other factor that has contributed to the rapid growth of cordless mowers is improvements in lithium-ion technology. This RYOBI SmartTrek™ Mower comes with a 40V 6Ah lithium-ion battery that has the capacity of mowing most yards on a single charge. Although the battery is compact and lightweight compared to other battery technologies, the cells have the capacity and the power to get the job done.

A New Spin on Self-Propelled

A self-propelled mower is often necessary, especially for yards with hills. Although it’s a common feature, the landscape has not changed in many years. With most self-propelled mowers, users must set a manual dial to adjust the speed. The challenge with this setup is it is difficult to change the speed while mowing. This RYOBI 40V mower features SmartTrek™ Technology that automatically adjust to your walking speed. This means when you are approaching an obstacle or navigating around intricate landscape edging, you can slow down and focus on mowing – instead of the control panel.

Finishing Touches

If you have owned several mowers, chances are they all had very similar features. If that is the case, you may dismiss some of the new “innovation” as gimmicky or just a way the manufacturers use to differentiate between models. Although historically there may be some truth to that, the RYOBI 40V SmartTrek™ Mower has some features that, once you’ve used them, will make it difficult to go back to your old mower.

If you bag your grass, you’ve probably come to accept the acrobatics it takes to remove the bag. First you have to reach under the handles while simultaneously lifting the flap and unhooking the bag. Repeat in reverse order to attach. This RYOBI mower features an easy-lift lock and release bagger that enables you to remove or lock in the bag one-handed and through the handles. This not only saves you time but your back as well.

This next feature will resonate with anyone that has multiple grass types in their yard. Most mowers have 4 independent wheel height adjustment knobs. This takes time and sometimes requires counting notches to make sure all four wheels are aligned. With this mower’s single-point height adjustment, you can precisely adjust your cutting height in seconds with a single pull of the handle.

The last feature is perfect for anyone who does not have a large storage room for their lawn and garden equipment. The RYOBI 40V Mower can be stored vertically, making it super compact when not in use. Although this feature is great, the mechanics of handle release mechanism make it simple to do. With a single step on the foot peddle, the handle collapses down into storage mode.

If you are in the market for a new mower and haven’t considered cordless, you may want to think again. Although a cordless mower may not be the right choice for everyone, this once niche category is making serious inroads and the RYOBI 40V SmartTrek™ Mower makes it easy to see why. Now that there are cordless mower options with the power and run time without the hassle of gas, oil or seasonal maintenance, it is becoming an increasingly appealing alternative.

For more about the RYOBI 40V SmartTrek™ Mower (RY40LM10), please visit Homedepot.com.

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