Eterna-Kote® Silicone+ Roof Coating


Eterna-Kote® Silicone+ Roof Coating provides the ultimate in waterproofing protection, delivering a seamless barrier that even stands up to ponding water challenges associated with flat roofs. In addition to waterproofing, Eterna-Kote® delivers countless benefits including eco-friendly features and application advantages, saving time, energy and money.

Eterna-Kote® Silicone+ Roof Coating provides excellent chemical, heat and weather resistance with long-term watertight security. Eterna-Kote® is also flexible, stretching to prevent cracking. “Eterna-Kote® Silicone+ Roof Coating defends against the elements better than other types of coatings and outlasts them too,” said Chad Meier, retail vice president.”

ExtremeHowTo_300LS2Eterna-Kote® meets Energy Star and CRRC (Cool Roof Coatings Council) standards and is low in VOCs, meeting all national air quality standards.  Eterna-Kote®’s bright white finish keeps roofs cooler resulting in potential energy savings and reduction of peak energy demands.

Contractors will appreciate the application advantages of Eterna-Kote® too. This high solids formula is easy to apply and quick curing so coating jobs finish faster. Eterna-Kote® is also more accommodating to temperature ranges, allowing for application at both lower and higher temperatures. With Eterna-Kote®, contractors extend application season and building owners benefit from added security.

Eterna-Kote® Silicone+ Roof Coating is available at most hardware stores and home centers.

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