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Greenworks Pro 60V Brushless String Trimmer & Backpack Blower

Battery technology is making huge strides in cordless tool performance, as seen with the new Greenworks Pro family of lithium-ion lawn tools. When batteries hit the 60-volt range, you’re dealing with gas-equivalent power but without the hassle and mess of liquid fuel or engine oil. The Greenworks Pro line delivers all the benefits of going cordless but without the noise of a gas-fired motor.

The EHT staff got our hands on a couple of test units, and we found the 60V Greenworks Pro String Trimmer to have an astonishing amount of slicing power for an electric tool. Its 16-inch cutting width cleans broad swaths through thick weeds and undergrowth, making quick work of around-the-yard chores.

The 60V Backpack Blower is compact, lightweight, and sweeps away leaves and debris with ease. It offers quiet, on-demand power with a variable-speed trigger. Expect up to 80 minutes of run time with a fully charged 5Ah battery.

Made with medium/heavy duty-construction and materials, both tools feature high-efficiency brushless motors for long-lasting, low-maintenance reliability. And as long as you keep a battery charged, they’re at the ready for grab-and-go convenience.  The Greenworks Pro tools met and exceeded our expectations for cordless lawn tools, and you pick them up online at or at your local Lowes’ Home Improvement Center.

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