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Tool Reviews

    • Wood Tool Roundup

      Tool Reviews, Woodworking October 1, 2018 Sonia

      By Matt Weber From trim carpentry and furniture building to deck construction and house framing, if you work with wood, you’ll enjoy this issue’s overview of some of the latest and greatest tools of the trade. RIDGID R4210 DUAL BEVEL SLIDING MITER SAW The Ridgid R4210 10-in. Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw can handle anything from rough construction to fine […]

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    • DIY Tool Sharpening With The Work Sharp

      Sharpening Tools, Tool Reviews, Tools, Woodworking September 13, 2018 chad

      By Chris Loeffler Your tools are the most important part of your arsenal for every DIY project, whether installing wainscoting or embarking on a complete hardwood floor replacement. Keeping your tools in optimal condition means maintaining razor-sharp, consistent edges that are durable while minimizing material take-off. What’s the point of a fine tool, if you’re going to hog off your […]

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    • 14 Essential Tools for a Carpenter Helper’s Toolbox

      Tool Reviews, Tools August 2, 2018 Sonia

      By Steven Willson Most carpentry contractors need to hire extra employees many times during a typical year, depending on the season or amount of work under contract. It’s helpful if new helpers can bring their own tools — usually hand tools that aren’t too expensive — to a jobsite. As helpers move up the pecking order and assume more responsibilities, […]

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    • Routers in Review

      Power Tools, Tool Reviews April 18, 2018 Sonia

      Add Detail to Your Woodwork Routers are the most popular power tools among woodworkers and DIY’ers for creating a decorative profile along the edge of a wood piece. With a router you can create custom house trim, add detail to furniture projects, or fashion shop-made picture frames. “Self-piloted” router bits designed for edge finishing have a ball-bearing wheel that guides […]

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