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Tool Reviews

    • Routers in Review

      Power Tools, Tool Reviews April 18, 2018 Sonia

      Add Detail to Your Woodwork Routers are the most popular power tools among woodworkers and DIY’ers for creating a decorative profile along the edge of a wood piece. With a router you can create custom house trim, add detail to furniture projects, or fashion shop-made picture frames. “Self-piloted” router bits designed for edge finishing have a ball-bearing wheel that guides […]

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    • 5 Types of Jobs a Multi-Tool Makes Easier

      Tool Reviews, Tools February 14, 2018 Sonia

      By Fran J. Donegan

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    • New Concepts in Circular Saws

      Tool Reviews, Tools January 17, 2018 Sonia

      Circular saws are the go-to tools for making fast, accurate cuts in lumber, plywood, metal and more. Whether configured as a grab-and-go handheld, an angle-cutting miter saw, or a rip-ready table saw, these jobsite workhorses have been relied on for years for construction inside and outside the home. These days, tool designers are tasked with making a good tool even […]

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    • Holiday Gift Guide

      Hot Products, Tool Reviews December 5, 2017 Sonia

      Who needs shopping malls? Extreme How-To has got you covered for the holidays. We’ve collected a list of cool gift ideas for virtually every member of your family. Give your wife some drill bits. Give your husband a Tire Plugger. You know what your mother-in-law would love to own? A new forestry axe. Get the ribbons and the wrapping paper, […]

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    • New Tool Accessories

      Tool Reviews, Tools October 13, 2017 Sonia

      Over the past year, The EHT staff has had the chance to test out a few cool tool accessories we thought our readers would find interesting. After all, nothing makes the stuff you have cooler like having even more stuff to go with it. Here are some highlights. Diablo Demo Demon Blade Diablo Tools stole the show at a recent […]

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    • Woodworking Tool Roundup

      Tool Reviews, Woodworking - Directory September 28, 2017 Sonia

      From making your own picture frames to constructing your own furniture, woodwork is one area where many DIY’ers cut their teeth and where many skilled professionals make an honest living. Whether you’re wet behind the ears or a seasoned expert at the craft, here’s a roundup of handy new woodworking tools to consider for your next equipment purchase. PocketJig200 The […]

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    • Nail Guns for the DIY’er

      air tools, Construction How-To, Nails and Fasteners, Tool Reviews, Tools September 21, 2017 Sonia

      With a nail gun, you can aim a nail for perfect placement and stop worrying about bent fasteners or hammered thumbs. Nail guns also spare your elbow a lot of wear and tear; they drive nails with a single pull of the trigger, which saves tons of time compared to making multiple hammer swings for every nail in the project. […]

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    • Paint Sprayers, Big and Small

      Construction How-To, Tool Reviews, Tools August 2, 2017 Sonia

      By Matt Weber There’s no secret to the advantages of a sprayed paint finish. If applied correctly, spraying a coat of paint will result in a smooth uniform finish without runs or brush marks. And when it comes to selecting what tools to use to spray the paint, DIY’ers and pros alike now have more options than ever. Touch-up In […]

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