MetalMizer MV2018 Vertical Bandsaw

Simple to operate, the MetalMizer MV2018 Vertical Bandsaw offers a large 18” by 20” cutting capacity and up to 175 pounds of cutting pressure. This versatile, high-quality production saw provides many operator-friendly features including a counterbalanced tilting saw head which is easily adjusted by one person for 45° cuts in either direction without having to swing or move cutting material. Pre-stop indents are located at both 45° angles and the vertical positions for faster head adjustment by the operator.

All controls for the MV2018 are conveniently located above the working surface on the face of the cutting head making them easily accessible and safe from being damaged by work pieces, cutting fluids, and debris from the cutting operation. The overhead controls allow one-button activation of the blade, coolant, and feed mechanism or the flexibility to control each function individually. Variable blade speed is also adjusted from the front panel and can easily be fine-tuned during a cut with power or hand feed options. With the motor drive system mounted directly on the cutting head, overall machine depth of the MV2018 is 30% less than competitive saws with the same cutting capacity. Visit for more information.

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