Heating For a Cure: Support Breast Cancer Research with a Pink Gas Boiler

Greenvale, NY – April 22, 2016 – Slant/Fin is now offering their most popular gas boiler in a beautiful shade of pink – to show our support for breast cancer research and a cure. Our most popular boiler, the reliable Sentry, is a gas-fired hot water boiler which is suited to a variety of boiler requirements using propane or natural gas. It provides homeowners with years of trouble-free, efficient operation, hassle-free maintenance, and boasts easy installation and set-up. The Sentry also comes with a 25-year Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The S-90 and S-120 models are now available in Heating for a Cure pink, with a portion of the proceeds being donated by Slant/Fin to breast cancer support and research charities. As well as knowing they have supported breast cancer research, those who purchase a Heating for a Cure pink boiler are also minimizing their impact with regard to environmental damage.

Our Sentry boilers comply with government directives that are in place to achieve lower levels of carbon dioxide by 2021. Carbon dioxide is a gas that contributes to global warming, a process that could significantly change the world’s climate and cause untold damage to the environment. Sentry Models S-34 to S-120 are DOE (United States Department of Energy) compliant, which means their design meets energy conservation standards set down by the government in an effort to minimize carbon dioxide emissions. The U.S Department of Energy has already begun pushing for businesses to attend to the energy efficiency requirements in time for 2021.

We are trying to get as many of our boilers as possible to meet the specifications, as soon as possible, and in fact, many of our boilers are already compliant. This includes our Heating for a Cure pink Sentry boiler.


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