NEW Dutch Boy® Platinum® Plus Cabinet, Door & Trim Helps DIYers Get Results Like The Pros

Do-it-yourselfers who want the brilliant finish of an oil-based paint but crave the convenience of a water-based product can have the best of both worlds thanks to Dutch Boy® Paints. With new Platinum® Plus Cabinet, Door & Trim, the Dutch Boy brand invites project enthusiasts to express their style with a simple solution for making homes look amazing. The premium paint with a surprisingly affordable price is now available exclusively at Menards®.

Formulated to Impress

Oil-based paints are popular for creating stunning surfaces, but some have heavy odors and cleanup can be messy. When using traditional latex products, brush marks are often noticeable after application, and paints may not hold up to repeated washing of the finished surface. That’s why Dutch Boy Paints crafted Platinum Plus Cabinet, Door & Trim to bring DIYers an upgrade to traditional latex paints and the advantages of an oil-based paint―without the usual limitations.

Platinum Plus Cabinet, Door & Trim is a water-based alkyd enamel that uses oil-infusion technology to transform home elements into standout features. The new product is highly resistant to stains and scratches, as well as humidity and moisture, making it ideal for surfaces that see heavy use, particularly door jambs, cabinets, and trim.

The new Dutch Boy Platinum Plus paint offers superb flow and leveling for a silky-smooth application with no brush marks, is ultradurable, and provides exceptional adhesion to indoor and outdoor surfaces. Once application is complete, the result is a glass-like, brush-mark-free finish, empowering DIYers to achieve a look that could have come out of a factory.

“Platinum Plus Cabinet, Door & Trim combines the silky-smooth application and performance benefits of an oil-based paint in a nonyellowing, water-based alkyd formula that is the only one of its kind available at Menards,” says Julie Fisher, product manager, Dutch Boy Paints. “Our latest offering helps DIYers more simply achieve beautiful results when completing their spaces. Simple solutions are how Dutch Boy Paints helps them unify their walls, cabinets, doors, and trim.”

Among its advantages, Platinum Plus Cabinet, Door & Trim won’t cause doors and windows to stick thanks to its anti-block properties. The paint provides a mildew-resistant coating to keep indoor and outdoor surfaces looking their best.

Shop Menards for Style

Platinum Plus Cabinet, Door & Trim is available at Menards stores, with prices starting at MSRP $22.98 per quart for Satin finish. To make transforming their homes simpler, customers can choose from ready-to-go whites like High-Hide White and Ultra White or select from more than 1,340 Dutch Boy brand colors that can be tinted in this paint to match virtually any color scheme.

For changes big or small, Dutch Boy Paints offers simple solutions from start to finish. Visit to discover the Dutch Boy brand’s new Platinum Plus Cabinet, Door & Trim along with project inspiration, color advice, how-to videos, and much more.

About Dutch Boy Group

Founded in 1907, Dutch Boy® Paints continues to be an industry leader in delivering innovative and high-quality products and packaging solutions and is one of the most recognizable brands in the market over 100 years later. In recent years, a new vitality, youthfulness, and the promise of Simple Solutions have also shaped the brand. Heritage and trust have been brought to life with energy and empowerment, inspiring DIYers and paint enthusiasts for generations to come. For more information, visit

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