DIY Paint Projects: Get a Fast, Fantastic Finish with Expanded Dutch Boy® One-Coat Colors

DIYers can find the confidence to skip the second coat this painting season

Two are better than one until there’s painting to be done. For do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) without time to wait between coats, Dutch Boy® Paints has expanded its selection of one-coat colors that help the job go faster. With the Dutch Boy brand, DIYers can get the incredible finish they want and the convenience they crave while skipping the second coat.

As painting season kicks off, consumers who want to create living spaces that reflect their style can do so in less time using Dutch Boy Paints one-coat colors. Now, nearly 850 one-coat colors are available in Dutch Boy® Platinum® Plus interior or Maxbond® exterior paints for taking on practically any painting project around the house. This wide selection represents two-thirds of the complete Dutch Boy color palette, with paints offered in Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss sheens to give DIYers more options to entertain their creativity and achieve a beautiful finish with just a bit of know-how.

“We created one-coat colors for those with a task list to conquer but little time to spare, and for those who are looking for more hours in the day to enjoy life’s other activities,” says Michelle Bangs, brand manager, Dutch Boy Paints. “It is possible to make walls and surfaces look stunning without a second coat, and we’re showing consumers exactly how to do it in three simple steps.”

Find One-Coat Confidence at Menards®

DIYers can get acquainted with colors that provide full coverage the first time using the new Dutch Boy Paints One-Coat Confidence display, launching now through July only at Menards® locations. The display offers inspiration and instruction to consumers on how to create a beautiful one-coat application and connects users to an integrated online experience that helps them sharpen their painting skills. Making product selection and the job itself easier is how the Dutch Boy brand delivers everyday simple solutions and a seamless experience from the store to the comfort of home.

Dutch Boy Paints developed a reliable, proven method for achieving a one-coat hide. The method’s three simple steps are highlighted by the new display:

  1. Choose a one-coat color.

The One-Coat Confidence display spotlights nearly 300 of Dutch Boy brand’s one-coat colors. Included are 90 large-sized paint chips, representing on-trend hues hand selected by Dutch Boy color experts for their appeal and ability to provide a one-coat hide. DIYers can also explore the full color palette and see their select shades in action by accessing the Dutch Boy Color Visualizer tool via a QR code printed on the display.



  1. Use premium products.

The right tools plus the right paint can equal remarkable results. Pairing top-of-the-line Dutch Boy brand paints with the finest Purdy® professional applicators helps consumers transform their world with just a single coat. Using the One-Coat Confidence display makes it easy to choose the best Purdy brush and Dutch Boy paint for any project.


  1. Apply with confidence.

Mastering the technique is as important as choosing the perfect color and products. DIYers can pick up a how-to brochure from the new display that teaches them to cut in and roll with confidence. The brochure provides detailed instruction with helpful tips and is supported by videos showing each step of the process as part of the integrated online experience.

Now, the best things in life can take less time when consumers choose Dutch Boy Paints one-coat colors for their next project. Indoors and outdoors, the Dutch Boy brand does more to make the painting process enjoyable while giving home improvement enthusiasts more ways to express themselves.

For changes big or small, Dutch Boy Paints offers simple solutions from start to finish. Visit to discover hundreds of one-coat hide colors along with project inspiration and advice, how-to videos, and much more.

About Dutch Boy Group

Founded in 1907, Dutch Boy® Paints continues to be an industry leader in delivering innovative and high-quality products and packaging solutions and is one of the most recognizable brands in the market over 100 years later. In recent years, a new vitality, youthfulness, and the promise of Simple Solutions have also shaped the brand. Heritage and trust have been brought to life with energy and empowerment, inspiring DIYers and paint enthusiasts for generations to come. For more information, visit

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