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New TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape High Yield Adhesive

Latest Home Improvement Products May 18, 2016 Sonia

Superior Bonding, Sealing and Gap-Filling

Easy-to-Use, No Tools Needed

The new TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape High Yield Adhesive makes bonding and sealing landscape block wall-top caps fast and easy. It features a revolutionary polyurethane collapsing gel adhesive technology that provides superior yield, strength and gap-filling properties compared to leading traditional landscape adhesives. (Product overview:

This adhesive utilizes polyurethane technology which can withstand extreme movements, traffic, and weathering without losing adhesion. It is naturally water resistant, extremely strong, and benefits from wet blocks due to the moisture curing properties of polyurethane. (Moisture test:

It is so strong that it can withstand the vibration and drilling when a fence post is attached to the top cap. In short, it is the perfect solution for securing the top cap on a retaining wall.

This new adhesive dispenses like a foam, but collapses into a gel, and then re-expands to fill gaps. This is an important benefit, as water pooling between blocks in a retaining wall can cause considerable damage. Because of its “high yield” formulation, one 12oz can replaces one case of traditional 10oz landscape block adhesive. When used as directed, one can’s capacity is 90 linear feet.

(Application tips:

TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape High Yield Adhesive is solvent free, black in color to blend in with its surroundings and to reduce the effects of UV radiation. It features an easy-to-use straw applicator that reduces installation time and strain on the user’s body. It can be used with brick, ceramic, concrete block, masonry, metal and wood materials.