Introducing the Envi Wall-Mounted Room Heater

Save money on heating bills by switching to the best performing heater in America. The Envi Heater is a superior product in every conceivable way. It has been obsessively designed for efficiency, safety, simplicity, durability and comfort.


Super Efficient The Envi Heater was born out of a passion to squeeze every last drop of heating power from a low wattage design, without sacrificing effectiveness. The result is a patented process called “Stack Convection Technology” which boosts airflow without the need of a fan. It works by drawing cold air into the heater and then rapidly heating and circulating warmth around a room. The result is a super efficient heater, which costs as little as 4cents/hour to operate! Customers who turn down their central heating and heat individual rooms with the Envi have reported savings of up to 50% or more on their heating bills.


Ultra Safe – The Envi Heater is cool to the touch, has a thermal cut-off switch, an additional wall-sensor that cuts power if the heater is knocked off the wall and to top it off, is built with fire retardant materials. This allows for 24/7 heating peace of mind around children, pets and the elderly.


Comfortable – Because of its fanless design, the Envi is totally silent and doesn’t blow dust or allergens into the air. The Envi also reduces the need to use unhealthy ductwork plus the low energy heating core maintains humidity and doesn’t dry out the air. This makes it perfect for people who suffer from allergies, asthma and dry eyes. It also features auto-dimming in darkened rooms to prevent the power light from disturbing your sleep.


Simple & Durable – The Envi can be simply installed in minutes by anyone, with just a screwdriver – no drilling required! This is a long lasting product with no moving parts and built with quality materials that will not crack or separate. Built in America, you can rest assured it has been manufactured under the highest standards.


Economical, Safe, Silent and Simple. Switch to Envi.



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