Copper Press Fittings

Copper Press Fittings, like Viega’s ProPress series, are a relatively new alternative to traditional pipe connections. While these fittings provide a plethora of advantages, the most well known advantage comes from their faster installation. When paired with a powered press tool, such as a Milwaukee Force Logic model, ½” to 4” connections take less than 30 seconds of preparation and just 4 to 7 seconds of actual pressing! This directly translates to faster installations and less time wasted on the jobsite. The second strongest advantage stems from its consistency. By automating the pressing process these fittings create uniform, clean, and reliable connections that provide peace of mind when trusting them to last.

These fittings hold many advantages directly over soldering, the plumber’s traditional favorite method. Most noticeably, press connections do not use flames. Solder requires an open flame to work, which creates a fire hazard and can even require additional paperwork to obtain a hot work permit on locations such as military bases. On these jobs press fittings save time before the plumbing even begins. The soldering process can often be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, something the press connections can work around. As long as the head can grip the fitting, a powered press tool will get the job done. Finally, press fittings do not require the plumbing system to be completely drained before work can be done. This not only saves the person installing the fittings time, but minimizes the system’s downtime. People relying on the water will get it back much faster and the people prepping the system will have one less step to do. Copper Press Fittings make many jobs faster and easier while even making some jobs possible at all.

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