New Table Saw Accessory Enhances Safety and Precision

microjig Grr-ripper2 Go

MICROJIG was founded on the principle of safety with its legendary, award-winning Grr-ripper. Now, the company is bringing that same safety to the masses with the new, must-have table saw accessory for woodworkers of all experience levels— the Grr-ripper2 Go.

The Grr-ripper2 Go makes the company’s flagship product even more accessible, as it comes fully assembled from the box. It also features an easy, color-coded guide to help users set cutting width.

Of course, the product also includes what has made the Grr-ripper a go-to tool worldwide for over 20 years and a No. 1 product on Amazon—it protects hands and fingers from the saw blade, gives the user control through the cut and prevents kickback.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have the support of the woodworking community with over 800,000 Grr-rippers sold in 37 countries,” said Bruce Wang, CEO of MICROJIG. “The Grr-ripper has become an everyday essential for our customers’ most creative work. With the Grr-ripper2 Go, we wanted to bring that safety and precision to someone just getting started with a table saw and help them advance in their journey and craft with control and confidence. We were also very deliberate in making this a professional-grade tool that could withstand the fast and elemental environments of the professional contractor in the field or on the job site.”

Perfectly engineered for safety, the Grr-ripper2 Go allows users to cut pieces as thin as 5/16” safely and accurately with no bare-hand feeding, keeping material tight along the fence. It can also be used to keep hands and fingers away from bits and blades on the router table, band saw and jointer, providing the control users deserve to have in their woodworking space.

The Grr-ripper2 Go retails for $29.99 and will be available at online and in-store retailers worldwide beginning Feb. 20, 2023.

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