New “Osceola” Color For ClipStone® By Ply Gem®

The ClipStone® ProPanel and ColumnWrap series by Ply Gem®

The ClipStone® ProPanel and ColumnWrap series by Ply Gem® have been revitalized to incorporate a crisp, modern white color to the line of award-winning mortarless stone veneer solutions. The new color, Osceola, provides a sleek, upscale look for on-trend exteriors that exude the timeless charm of natural stone.

“White cladding has always been a staple in exterior design,” says Brad Wilhelmy, General Manager, Stone Solutions at Cornerstone Building Brands. “Customers have a penchant for the clean, classic look that white facades bring to the home. Osceola lends all of that, plus the inviting, earthy look of natural stone for welcoming curb appeal.”

The ClipStone® ProPanel by Ply Gem®

With larger panels for quicker installation and a stair-stepped design that hides joints, the ProPanel series of mechanically fastened stone panels fulfills the ClipStone promise—‘It’s That Easy!™’—for remodelers and contractors to bring the beauty of stone into their projects without changing their tools, crews or schedules. Each box of ProPanel includes a mix of two panel sizes to conceal seams and add variation, making it well suited for both residential applications as well as larger-scale multifamily and commercial projects.

The ClipStone®  ColumnWrap by Ply Gem®

Trade professionals can seamlessly match columns and posts to their ProPanel Osceola projects with the ColumnWrap series—allowing for the transformation of 4”, 6” and 8” posts into elegant stone structures in as little as 30 minutes with no mortar required. ColumnWrap eliminates the need to frame around the post or column with two mechanically fastened points per section. Each box creates a 12” H x 14” L x 14” W section that can be stacked to accommodate any desired height.

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