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CAMO® Offers New Stainless Steel Fastening Solutions for Deck Building and Exterior Projects

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National Nail’s CAMO® brand of tools and fasteners has introduced new CAMO Stainless Steel fasteners to help contractors, remodelers and DIYers build better in every environment. Now, the CAMO brand can add fastening efficiency and strength to exterior projects across the country, no matter the environment. Designed to protect connections against the elements, CAMO’s 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel fasteners are ideal for use in highly corrosive coastal and agricultural environments and applications that face abrasive agents. CAMO 305 Stainless Steel fasteners provide excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting aesthetics for a variety of inland exterior projects.

“CAMO is excited to offer a full line of Stainless Steel screws and nails for contractors to add value and performance to their upcoming projects,” said Doug Hutchings, Vice President of Product Development at National Nail. “The variety of Stainless Steel fasteners deliver superior corrosion resistance and holding power on any jobsite, even in the harshest coastal conditions.”

Hutchings added that the unique Stainless Steel Fastener pails with metallic lids is the first in a series of visually bold, new CAMO packaging that will ultimately be rolling out to all CAMO products. Other brand colors like CAMO’s distinct orange is designed with the end-consumer in mind for easier selection.

Perfect for building wood or composite decks and other exterior projects, CAMO’s new line of Stainless Steel fasteners includes hand drive deck, composite and trim screws that come with a 2 in. (50.8mm) power bit for jobsite convenience. They also offer 316 Stainless Steel Marine Grade Edge Screws for use with CAMO MARKSMAN Pro® tools and collated screws for use with the CAMO DRIVE™ stand-up tool. New to the CAMO brand are ring shank deck nails and joist hanger nails as well as collated ring shank framing nails and collated metal hanger nails that are compatible with a wide array of pneumatic nailers.

Just like other CAMO tools and fasteners, CAMO backs up their line of Stainless Steel screws and nails with a warranty to resist rust and corrosion. Look for the new shiny silver pails that identify CAMO’s new Stainless Steel fastener line and learn more at

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