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Satin Rolling Surf is the Krylon® 2022 Color of the Year

One spray paint shade that perfectly complements today’s wall paint trends and adds a bold statement to home interiors

Bold but gentle, familiar but vibrant, Satin Rolling Surf is the Krylon® 2022 Color of the Year. Available in Krylon® Fusion All-In-One® spray paint with 5X stronger adhesion* and a No-Peel Guarantee,** Satin Rolling Surf provides a tranquil, watercolor-like quality for most surfaces with no sanding or priming required.

“It’s time to celebrate blue-greens that are punchy yet reassuring, that deliver a bold statement within home interiors,” said Color Marketing Manager for Krylon Sue Kim. “As our lives become increasingly pulled between our digital and disconnected worlds, this vibrant tone of blue embodies that separation we long for, and the nurturing green sets a nostalgic charm. Satin Rolling Surf engages the senses and brings a trustworthy, sentimental feel that is timeless.”

Our perspective on home life has shifted significantly. More people are seeking personal wellness through slow living, mindfulness meditation and a connection to one’s surroundings. For color enthusiasts, Satin Rolling Surf is about bringing optimism, stability and balance to DIY projects to make home a more comforting space.

“This year’s color direction focuses on the importance of softer, warmer and more human-centric design as the home becomes a dynamic hub for all activities, from work to wellness to play,” said Kim. “Satin Rolling Surf is perfect for helping to create spaces that soothe and rejuvenate.”

Krylon has you covered

Celebrating over seven decades of product innovation and color, Krylon has become a household name for reviving and reimaging furniture, furnishings and everything else that makes you feel at home. Every year, millions of consumers trust the Krylon brand to provide a colorful, durable finish for all types of projects.

Fusion All-In-One spray paint and other Krylon products are available at various national retailer locations with selections varying by retailer. Fusion All-In-One offers maximum rust protection and is dry to the touch in 20 minutes. It can be used on wood, metal, wicker, plastic, glass, plaster and ceramic surfaces without the need to sand or prime.

Satin Rolling Surf and other trending spray paint colors from Krylon are for DIYers, home improvement enthusiasts and crafters who see possibilities all around them.

See Satin Rolling Surf—the Krylon 2022 Color of the Year—and more shades for all home décor updates at With so many color choices, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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