DAP Reinvents Aerosol Spray Texture Applications

DAP spray texture

DAP’s Spray Texture Line Delivers Maximum Coverage, Seamless Texture Match with Fast Dry Times

Wall and ceiling spray texture application has traditionally been a frustrating, inefficient and messy experience for professionals and DIYers alike. This year, DAP, a leader in the home improvement and construction products industry and the #1 brand in wall repair*, is reinventing wall and ceiling spray texture in formula, function and finish with the launch of a consistent and reliable product line that delivers a fast-drying, excellent texture match for maximum coverage and professional results.

DAP’s new spray texture line consists of 2 in 1 Wall & Ceiling for Orange Peel, Knockdown, and Popcorn textures. DAP’s spray texture assortment is available now in select Lowe’s stores and will be available at additional retailers by early fall. The new line features several performance features designed to make application easier for the end user.

“Both pros and DIYers have told us that current spray texture aerosols can clog and may provide inconsistent pressure and uneven spraying. Texture matching can also be challenging,” said Raquel Beckett, senior product marketing manager at DAP. “With our new aerosol spray texture line, we have developed a patent pending innovative dispensing system that offers adjustability, and consistent flow and pressure that delivers an even, wide spray pattern for strong, durable, professional results.”

Unlike competitive products on the market, DAP’s aerosol cans feature Aim Tech technology that offers a 60-degree adjustable nozzle angle to easily repair vertical, overhead and hard to reach areas with one can providing users much flexibility when completing projects. The adjustable nozzle also provides the ability to select a fine, medium or heavy level of texture when sprayed and includes a lock function for secure transport and storage.

The Orange Peel, Knockdown and Popcorn formulas will all be available in water-based formulas that feature a 30-minute paint ready time. Orange Peel will also be offered in an oil-based formula that is paint ready in just five minutes. Unlike many competitive products, Popcorn is bright white and doesn’t require painting. And Knockdown features a 30-second dry time prior to the knockdown process, making it easy to smooth and tool for the final textured finish. The aerosol can design provides hopper results for maximum coverage without the hassle and mess of using a traditional hopper gun.

“DAP’s aerosol spray texture solution’s ability to add ease and accuracy to spray texture application through the adjustable nozzle, coupled with the fact that it won’t easily clog, makes it an ideal choice for pros and DIYers tackling these types of projects said Beckett.

For more information on DAP Spray Texture, visit www.DAP.com. 

*Based on independent hardware and lumber channel dollar sales in the Wall Repair category

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