New Woodturning Tools Feature Cryo-Hardened M2 Steel Blades

Grizzly Woodturning Tools

Grizzly PRO Premium Woodturning Tools Offer Cryogenically Treated Blades for Extreme Edge Retention

Bellingham, Washington — Grizzly Industrial, a trusted name in woodworking tools and machinery, understands the unique satisfaction that comes from turning wood with a sharp, reliable chisel. That’s why they’ve introduced their new line of Grizzly PRO turning tools, designed to provide years of outstanding edge retention, durability, and comfort. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding woodturner, these tools are designed to take your craft to a new level.

Grizzly Woodturning Tools

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cryogenically Treated M2 High-Speed Steel: Unmatched edge retention and durability for less sharpening and more turning.
  • Long, Ergonomic Beechwood Handles: Reduced hand fatigue and greater comfort for extended turning sessions.
  • Robust, Solid Steel Ferrule: Ensures a secure, rattle-free connection between the blade and handle for maximum control and stability.
  • Comprehensive Selection: A variety of 22 gouges, chisels, skews, parting tools, and scrapers, as well as 4 curated sets, to tackle any woodturning project.
  • Exceptional Value: Premium quality tools at an affordable price, perfect for both professionals and hobbyists.

“Steel is a big deal with turning tools, and a comfortable length is important. So, our main focus when we developed this line was the cryo-hardened M2 steel blades and full-size handles and shanks. These are traditional-style tools with an edge quality that allows you to develop your technique to the fullest and get as creative as you want to be.” – Pat Raynor, Product Manager, Grizzly Industrial

Cryogenically Treated for Extreme Edge Retention

The M2 high-speed-steel (HSS) blades are super-cooled to extremely low temperatures during the manufacturing process to enhance their already impressive properties. On its own, HSS is a great cutting tool material, due to its wear resistance and ability to withstand higher cutting speeds. But Grizzly’s cryogenic treatment process transforms the structure of the metal at a molecular level, further increasing the steel’s hardness and edge retention. This means less sharpening and more turning—even at high speeds with dense hardwoods.

Ergonomic Handles and Strong Ferrules for Superior Control

Grizzly PRO turning tools feature long, ergonomic beechwood handles that fit naturally in your hand, reducing hand fatigue during extended turning sessions. The robust solid steel ferrules ensure a tight and lasting connection between the blade and the handle, eliminating unwanted movement or rattling. This combination of ergonomic design and sturdy construction provides maximum stability, control, and comfort, allowing you to focus on your woodturning with confidence.

Grizzly Woodturning Tools

A Comprehensive Collection for Every Woodturning Project

With a vast variety of gouges, chisels, skews, parting tools, and scrapers—offered as sets or individually—the Grizzly PRO line of turning tools is all anyone needs to get the most out of their wood lathe. Whether you want to turn bowls, spindles, pens, or even musical instrument parts or wooden utensils, these premium quality tools deliver the perfect combination of comfort, quality, and affordability.

Enhance your craftsmanship and enjoy the confidence of using tools that are built to perform and last. Visit Grizzly’s website and explore the full Grizzly Pro Turning Tool collection and elevate your woodturning today!

Availability and Pricing

The T34128-T34155 tools are available now on starting at $32.95 for individual tools and $112.95 for sets.


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