iFLO: The New Automated HVAC Drain Line Cleaning Solution


The newest, smartest technology to hit “Smart Home” this year, supports HVAC, and a problem most people don’t even know they have, or can fix on their own. iFLO™ is an AI-powered smart device that automates cleaning the HVAC drain line and drain pans. iFLO prevents clogs, backups, shutdowns, leaks, and water damage, saving homeowners money and headaches, all while keeping ACs running at peak performance.


How iFLO works: iFLO connects to your phone, automatically identifies your geographical location, and customizes your performance based on local temperature and humidity via its proprietary iFLO app. The iFLO device automatically dispenses an environmentally safe bio enzymatic surfactant cleaning solution that breaks down the thick slimy sticky Zooglea bacteria that grows in everyone’s AC to keep the drain lines clear year-round on a custom schedule. It’s simple to install in just five minutes, everything needed comes in a kit.

Why iFLO is needed: ACs cool the space and eliminate excess humidity by passing warm air through the cold condensation coils located inside the air handler. Condensation forms on the coils and collects in a catch basin. When the condensation mixes with biological particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and airborne germs, a thick jelly-like mucus called “Zooglea” starts to form. Zooglea becomes sticky and gummy as it builds up inside the condensate drain line, eventually clogging the PVC pipe and causing the AC to either shut down or overflow.

What Is Zooglea and Why Is It So Bad: When someone sneezes or coughs, germs travel through the air combining with other microscopic biological particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander. These particles mix with the water droplets on the condensate coils and combine to form a thick, jelly-like mucus of microorganisms known as Zooglea. Zooglea becomes sticky and gummy as it builds up inside the condensate drain line. Eventually, it will clog the PVC pipe preventing the water and condensation from draining, causing the AC to shut down or in many cases it locks down the float switch, which is the only protection, and causes the AC to continue to run and flood the home causing upwards of $40,000 in damage. This thick, Zooglea build-up can happen in as little as 45 days.  In fact, HVAC related flood claims are the number one cause of water damage in the southern part of the US homes.


Why Does Zooglea Matter? Before 2015, condensation coils contained copper, an antimicrobial inhibitor slowing the growth of bacteria that minimized clogs between six to nine months. Due to the rising cost of materials, manufacturers have since replaced copper with aluminum. Unlike copper, aluminum does not inhibit the growth of Zooglea. The number of ACs replaced every year has increased by 5-6%, further exacerbating the problem.

“People don’t realize why their AC units shut down, or don’t function properly, the silent enemy is Zooglea. In a battle to keep my own AC unit running smoothly I invented iFLO,” says Joe McDonell, inventor iFLO, “iFLO is a quick and easy do-it-yourself installation in less than five minutes that will keep drains clean and prevent AC shut offs. It also protects against leaks and water damage. I love that it helps eliminate maintenance bills and expensive service calls, no more waiting days to have something fixed. The AI Powered technology gives you year-round peace of mind, and cool air!”

The APP: The iFLO mobile app features a step-by-step setup guide, interactive how-to videos, and live status updates. Users will have access to a 24/7/365 support team. Available through live chat and real-time support lines. Stay in control Using AI-based technology, the FLO app can geo-locate users and provide each homeowner with a customized dispensing schedule based on humidity and temperature.

The Solution: iFLO proprietary cleaning solution can only be dispensed by the iFLO device. Each refill bottle contains a single-use QR code that must be validated in the app. Once the QR code is validated, customers insert their bottle and let the device do the rest! Once the bottle is installed, the iFLO cleaning solution lasts for 3-6 months depending on your location. Through the app, customers will be able to utilize a variety of subscription plans.

iFLO Kit Includes: Device, 36oz Drain Cleaner, Drain Line Connector/Adaptor

Learn more at https://iflo.com/




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