Elevate Exteriors with New Bold and Sleek Black Accessories

PlyGem Accents

Matte black in home design has made its way from the inside out—and it’s here to stay. The new Ply Gem® line of exterior accessories in 498 Black is a bold and sleek high-contrast color that elevates exteriors with an eye-catching hue that won’t fade over time. This trending shade is available in all 36 block, mount and vent SKUs that seamlessly integrates across the entire Ply Gem® brand portfolio, including black vinyl soffit, gutter and trim coil, for completely cohesive designs.

PlyGem AccentsPlyGem AccentsPlyGem Accents

“We have all seen the rise in popularity of matte black in interior fixtures—and that trend has made an even bigger impact on exterior designs,” says Carlo Fiorella, General Manager, Metal, Trim & Accessories at Cornerstone Building Brands. “Our new line of black exterior accessories is a direct response to satisfy consumer tastes for this daring hue. But what makes our accessories truly special is the formulation of the material. 498 Black is durable and built to last. The rich black color won’t lose its pigment over time the same way that competitive products are susceptible to.”

Black accessories lend a polished and modern appeal, elevating the overall design of home exteriors. These blocks, mounts and vents create dramatic contrast against more muted colors, such as white, to enhance the visual impact and character of a home.

PlyGem Accents

For further information, visit plygem.com/siding/other-siding-products

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