Work IQ Tools™ Debuts Game-Changing New Workbench Tools

IQ Connect Clamp Mount Cell Phone Holder and Work Light

The tool company has launched an initial product lineup, including a workbench vise that articulates and rotates 360 degrees, job-specific vise jaws and hands-free workshop accessories.  

Work IQ Tools™, a new brand of tools for the workbench, has launched a debut product line that will transform the way DIYers, craftsmen, hobbyists, makers and trade professionals get jobs done. The company’s IQ Vise System™ includes the maneuverable multi-axis bench-mount IQ Vise™, a collection of task-specific IQ Vise Jaws™ and IQ Connect™ plug-and-play accessories and mounts.

Work IQ Tools IQ Vise

“The IQ Vise by itself, with its ability to articulate and rotate, offers new ways to accomplish countless jobs,” said Tom Scott, vice president of marketing and product management for Work IQ Tools. “Coupling the vise with task-specific IQ Vise Jaws and IQ Connect accessories creates a highly capable problem-solving workshop helper, offering people unprecedented ways to work smarter.”

The IQ Vise features a ball and socket design that allows articulation and 360-degree rotation at any angle. It also includes a Quick Cam™ compression lever in the front that gives the vise even more functionality by allowing it to lay flat, lock at any angle or rotate for optimal work positioning. The eight-position IQ Lok™ locks the ball in place and allows up to 130 foot-pounds of torque, delivering endless possibilities of projects the vise can withstand.

IQ Vise with Woodworking Jaws

Additionally, five different task-specific IQ Vise Jaws allow users to tailor the vise’s grip for the project at hand. Double-sided, textured jaws specifically engineered to secure materials such as wood, pipe, and fine and delicate items expand the capability of the traditional workbench vise.

Lastly, the IQ Connect plug-and-play accessories and mounts do the job of a problem-solving workshop helper. The system includes three helpful hands-free accessories that can connect to the IQ Vise via the IQ Connect Clip and flexible, extended arms: a work light, a cellphone holder and a 5-inch magnifying glass. It also includes three bench mounts to conveniently place and hold the accessories around a workbench or shop. A magnetic mount and clamp mount are also available, further extending the number of possible mounting locations.

IQ Vise with Flex Fit Jaws and Work Light

“As a company founded by craftsmen and creators, we expect Work IQ Tools to innovate the traditional vise category by enabling workers to become more inventive,” Scott said. “We’re eager to see what people accomplish with the capabilities of the IQ Vise System.”

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IQ Vise with Magnifying Glass

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