Dutch Boy® Maximizes Curb Appeal With Maxbond® Plus Exterior Paint

Upgraded formula provides maximum adhesion, hide and performance

 As the seasons shift and home improvement projects once again get underway, Dutch Boy® Paints unveils its newest, most advanced exterior coating: Maxbond® Plus exterior paint. An upgraded formula from the brand’s Maxbond® exterior paint product, Maxbond® Plus delivers extreme adhesion, as well as improved dirt resistance.

“A lot of time, energy, research and prep work goes into home improvement projects,” said Julie Fisher, product manager, Dutch Boy® Paints. “We’re always looking for ways to simplify those tasks for DIY homeowners and that’s exactly what our upgraded Maxbond® Plus paint formula provides: another simple and very practical solution from the Dutch Boy® brand.”

Max Adhesion

The improved exterior paint product boasts exceptional adhesion for a lasting finish that sticks to many home exterior surfaces. Maxbond® Plus paint can be applied directly over sound, non-peeling, previously painted surfaces ranging from chalky to dirty to glossy—reducing the need to prep, prime, power-wash or sand.

Max Hide

When choosing from Dutch Boy® Paints’ one-coat color palette and following the three simple steps to one-coat coverage, everyday DIYers who paint will enjoy both the finished product and the time saved from skipping additional coats. What’s more, the product’s anti-fade, stay-clean properties resist mildew growth on the paint’s surface, prevent dirt from accumulating and remain resistant to cracking and peeling.

Max Performance

When it comes to Maxbond® Plus paint, maximum performance means minimal worry. Easy to apply and convenient to maintain, home improvement DIYers can rest assured that the exterior paint will withstand repeated exposure to the elements and seasonal changes year-round. Plus, it repels rain within just 90 minutes of being applied, making weather less worrisome.

“Home improvement projects mean a little bit more when you tackle them yourself,” said Michelle Bangs, senior brand manager, Dutch Boy® Paints. “Dutch Boy® Paints makes every transformation simpler, whether indoors or out, while also ensuring the durability of your work, so you can enjoy the home you created with friends and family into the future.”

Developed by a paint brand customers rely on, the improved Dutch Boy® Maxbond® Plus Exterior Paint is available in hundreds of one-coat colors and comes in the brand’s award-winning Twist & Pour® container—a unique easy-to-open, easy-to-hold and easy-to-pour container available exclusively at Menards®. Visit https://www.dutchboy.com/maxbond-plus/ or Menards retail locations to explore the full color lineup.

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