DICKIES® Launches “Dickies Icons”

Iconic Brand Turns 100 Years Old while celebrating it’s five most iconic styles – 874 Work Pant, Eisenhower
Jacket, Work Shirt, Coverall, and Bib Overall

FORT WORTH, TX (June 29, 2021) –Dickies, the world’s leading workwear brand, announces the
launch of its new global brand campaign, “Dickies Icons,” marking the first time the brand has
simultaneously celebrated its five most iconic styles – the 874 Work Pant, Eisenhower Jacket, Work Shirt,
Coverall and Bib Overall. Since the brand’s inception in 1922, Dickies’ iconic silhouettes have been deeply
woven into our world’s cultural heritage. From factory workers to fashion and pop-culture icons, ranchers
to rappers, skaters to streetwear, the cultural significance of “Dickies Icons” has been defined by the people
who wear them.

“No other collection of apparel has been worn, loved and respected quite like Dickies Icons,” said Kathy
Hines, VP of Global Marketing for Dickies. “We see these five styles as a symbol of individuality and
universality, the ultimate expression of personal style – worn by the originators who make and shape our
world year after year.”

Dickies’ nearly 100 years of heritage in workwear and its continuously evolving cultural relevance can best
be captured in the brand’s five most iconic styles:

• The 874 Work Pant, a universal essential, evolved from the original Dickies 100 percent cotton
work pant. Redeveloped in the 1960s to be practically indestructible with a perfect mix of 65/35
poly cotton blend, the 874’s durability has been tried and tested by workers and skaters alike for
over 50 years.

• The Eisenhower Jacket, a utilitarian understatement named after General Dwight D. Eisenhower
who made the silhouette famous, evolved from uniforms worn by the U.S. Armed Forces during
WW2. Its uncomplicated style and easy adoption has made the Eisenhower a uniform staple for
nearly 70 years.

• The Work Shirt, effortless in style and one of Dickies’ earliest products created over 90 years
ago, is the ideal complement to the 874 Work Pant and when worn together is often referred to as
the Dickies suit, completing a head-to-toe Dickies uniform.

• The Coverall, adaptable through self-expression, was originally created to protect your ‘street’
clothes at work. Originally made of heavy denim, the Dickies Coverall has evolved with new fabrics and colors.

• The Bib Overall, a timeless staple that dates back as the first product ever sold by Dickies nearly
100 years ago in indigo and hickory stripe denim. The Bib Overall is functional, comfortable and
authentically Dickies workwear.

Dickies partnered with global creative agency This Here to produce “Dickies Icons” which will launch
through a multi-platform marketing campaign in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, through global
digital, social and custom content that personifies “Dickies Icons.” Amplifying the celebration, Dickies
partnered with Los Angeles retailer Fred Segal to launch a 1,500 sq. ft. immersive Dickies pop-up shop
open now through August 15, 2021, designed in partnership with global brand experience agency SGK.
“Dickies Icons” are available for purchase internationally via Dickies.com. Follow the brand on Instagram
and TikTok to learn more @dickies.com.

About the Dickies® Brand
Founded in 1922 in Texas, Dickies has stood alongside generations of proud workers, equipping them with
the tough, durable workwear that has enabled them to make and shape our world. A brand of VF
Corporation, Dickies has grown to represent a global community of people who have taken inspiration from
the traditional world of work and made it their own. For nearly 100 years and available in over 100
countries, what began as a humble workwear company has grown into a worldwide force, weaving together
cultural movements with a rigorous commitment to straightforward style and long-lasting ingenuity. For
more information, please visit dickies.com.

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