Greenworks Launches New 40V Inverter Power Station

portable power station

Just in time for fall tailgating, camping, and storm season, Greenworks launches the 40-Volt 500-Watt 4-Slot Inverter Portable Power Station. Powered by the clean energy of removable lithium-ion batteries, this compact dynamo generates 500 watts of continuous power. The perfect solution for power on-the-go, its seven ports can support a wide range of small electronics that supply comfort and convenience, from a mini fridge and TV to a phone, lantern, fan, or lighting. It’s the latest battery-powered innovation from industry leader Greenworks, furthering the company’s vision to build a more powerful future with clean energy.

The easy-to-use, convenient Greenworks 40V 500W Portable Power Station has seven ports, so users can generate power for a variety of tools, electronic devices, and small appliances. The power bank creates 755 watts of total output, with two USB-A ports (30W max each), three USB-C ports (65W max each), and two AC outlets (500W max each). When fully charged, using four Greenworks 40V 4.0Ah batteries, the versatile portable generator can create enough power for off-grid outdoor fun like camping trips and tailgating or for backup power during an electrical outage. It can support a mini refrigerator for 25 hours, a TV for 9.5 hours, a gaming console for 62 hours, a drone for 12 charges, a laptop for 10 hours, or a lantern for 48 hours.

The innovative, real-time 5×2-inch smart LCD display provides all the information a user needs, so they can monitor battery capacity and charging status at any time. Users can easily check power usage with the Greenworks SMARTg home app, which also offers low-battery notifications and access to help. 

It’s easy to recharge the power supply by using a wall outlet or a Greenworks 40V Charger, which can take as little as one hour to charge a 4.0Ah battery.

The 40V batteries are compatible with more than 75 Greenworks 40-volt products, including power tools, lawn and garden products, lights, and vacuums, making life easier and providing a superior experience and savings.

The fast-charging 40V Portable Power Station Kit comes with four 4.0Ah batteries and a charger (SKU 2988302) and is backed by a three-year limited tool warranty and a three-year battery warranty. The Power Station kit with four batteries is available at for $799 and a tool-only option is available for $599.

This fall, Greenworks will add three more battery-powered generators to the lineup, all with zero emissions and zero noise:

  • The 24V 500-Watt Inverter offers compact, convenient power on-the-go, for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, portable speakers, and more.
  • The 60V 2000-Watt 4-Port Power Station with 3000 watts of surge can power critical appliances during a blackout, keep tools running at a jobsite, or provide the comforts of home during outdoor adventures. Users can power up a refrigerator, laptop, phone, lights, TV, coffee maker, AC power tools, and more.

The 80V 2000-Watt Power Station with 4000 watts of surge is the premium, top-of-the-line Greenworks inverter generator, creating maximum power, whether for storm relief, jobsite usage, tailgating, or travel. It can power everything the 60V 2000-Watt Power Station can, with a longer runtime.

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