Dutch Boy® Paints Introduces New Primer Products

Dutchboy DIY Primer

Expanded collection makes it simple for DIYers to achieve professional-grade results 

As homeowners tackle home improvement projects and seek new ways to elevate their home transformations, Dutch Boy® Paints announces the launch of its latest simple solution—a collection of eight primer products specially designed for DIYers. With a focus on functionality, dependability and simplicity, this new series of high-quality primers is the prime choice when facing challenging paint surfaces, odors and stains.

“Our new line of primers is a testament to Dutch Boy® Paints’ commitment to delivering simple solutions to the DIYer,” said Julie Fisher, product manager, Dutch Boy® Paints. “Primers play a crucial role in the painting process to create an even, consistent surface and improve the durability and longevity of the paint’s performance. Backed by research and performance testing, these primers provide a smooth foundation for any painting project.”

A brand known for its dedication to excellence, Dutch Boy® Paints understands the importance of a proper foundation when it comes to painting. The new line of primers has been formulated to ensure your topcoat goes on smooth, creating a uniform and professional-like finish. In addition, certain products within the line have the ability to dry in 30 minutes or less on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces.

A Complete Collection

A full line of Dutch Boy® Paint primers include a range of options for every need and surface:

Multi-Surface Stain-Blocking Primer: Water Based, Interior & Exterior

Look no further for a water-based, high-hiding formula that blocks tough stains like grease, marker, tar or other challenging stains. This primer creates a reliable mold- and mildew-resistant finish and cleans easily with soap and water. You’ll find that it’s ideal for drywall, plaster, masonry and metal. 

Multi-Purpose Stain-Blocking Primer: Oil Modified, Interior/Spot Exterior

When you need a solution that seals out tough stains like water, smoke, ink and grease, this

primer is the answer. It covers scuffs and marks while providing a strong adhesion to drywall,

wood and plaster. Also helpful in hiding those previously painted wall colors. 

Zero-VOC Primer, Interior/Exterior

DIYers can rest easy knowing this primer is specially formulated with zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs*). This versatile multi-surface primer is ideal for drywall, plaster, masonry and metal surfaces. This primer helps block common household stains, and the water-based formula makes cleanup quick and simple with soap and water.

*Zero VOC applies only to base primer. VOC level may increase significantly depending on colorant choice, if any.

 Ready Coat Primer, Interior/Exterior

The water-based, multi-surface primer is exceptional in hiding those previous colors and minor scuff marks. It provides a unique and quality mold- and mildew-resistant finish for interior and exterior drywall, wood, masonry and metal.

Glossy-Surface Primer, Interior/Exterior

With its powerful adhesion, this primer will bond to your hard-to-stick-to surfaces like plastics, glass, laminates, aluminum, tile, fiberglass, PVC piping, kitchen cabinets, previously painted surfaces and more. A no-hassle cleanup with just soap and water. 

Odor-Sealing Primer, Interior

Designed for DIYers, this synthetic shellac primer can provide heavy-duty protection over your tough indoor stains and odors from food and pets. It works well on previously painted surfaces hiding previous wall colors on wood, paneling and plaster providing a beautiful base for your topcoat. 

Severe Stain and Odor Primer, Interior/Spot Exterior

Achieve ultimate coverage with this shellac primer that blocks tannin stains and odors, including smoke, and provides exceptional surface adhesion. It’s a great solution for previously painted surfaces, wood, paneling and plaster. 

Wall-Repair Sealer, Interior

A surface sealer to help you condition damaged drywall before patching and priming with an appropriate Dutch Boy® primer. Rest assured it dries clear on drywall and previously painted surfaces.

“Dutch Boy® Paints has always been dedicated to providing homeowners with exceptional painting solutions,” said Michelle Bangs, senior brand manager, Dutch Boy® Paints. “We understand that for DIYers painting is an expression of creativity. These primer products empower DIYers with reliable paint preparation so they can take their home improvement projects to the next level with ease.” 

Available Exclusively at Menards

The new line of paint primers is now available exclusively at Menards®. Visit https://www.dutchboy.com/products/interior/primers or Menards retail locations to explore the full lineup.

For more information about Dutch Boy® Paints and their complete range of painting products, please visit  dutchboy.com

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