YellaWood® Launches New Premium Line of Stain and Sealants: YellaWood® Protector® Products

Product inventory swells with introduction of stains that create Five-Star outdoor experiences 

YellaWood® brand pressure treated pine is the most well-known brand of treated wood in the country. With products available to build just about anything outdoors, the company is an expert on five-star backyard experiences. And as part of that vision, the YellaWood® brand is launching its first-ever line of stain and sealants: YellaWood Protector® products.

“With YellaWood Protector® semi-transparent stains and sealants we are building upon our legacy of pressure treated lumber,” said Rob Pongonis Director, Branding and Marketing Operations. “This line of acrylic-oil hybrid stain includes water repellents, UV inhibitors and leverages our commitment to providing high quality products to successfully maintain outdoor living spaces.”

YellaWood Protector® products are offered in four shades in both 1-gallon cans and 5-gallon buckets: Crystal Clear, American Classic Cedar, Rich Walnut and Smoky Gray. The premium stain product can be used for decks, fences, siding, pergolas, gazebos and outdoor furniture. Specially formulated to offer a professional-grade, acrylic-oil hybrid that offers excellent protection, YellaWood Protector® stains and sealants are private label products that adhere to the YellaWood® brand’s high standards.

“We’re proud to introduce this product line as an extension of the YellaWood® brand,” Chief Marketing Officer Daryl Evans continued. “YellaWood Protector® stains and sealants are ready for purchase in select markets and will become available more broadly throughout the year. We look forward to hearing customer input as they give YellaWood Protector® products a try.”

With more than 50 years of experience, the YellaWood® brand is an expert in the wood protection category. Combining its knowledge and commitment to five-star products, the company was heavily involved throughout research and development including ingredient selection, extensive testing and output.

“Engaging in the stain and sealant space is an opportunity for our company, team and distributors to really drive home a five-star experience,” said Founder and CEO Jimmy Rane. “With YellaWood Protector® products we’ll help customers start and finish with the yella tag.”

For more information on YellaWood Protector® products and their uses for annual maintenance, click here.

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About Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated

Established in 1970, Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated, and its YellaWood® brand products are headquartered in Abbeville, Alabama. Servicing D-I-Y retail home centers, pro dealers and other retail building-related and industrial segments, the company has 14 facilities across the South, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions which produce pressure treated lumber for residential, farm, commercial and industrial uses.

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