SawStop Announces Key Management Changes

Appoints New CEO and CFO

Tualatin, Oregon – December 17, 2018: SawStop, LLC today announced key management changes, effective January 1, 2019.

Company Co-Founder and President Dr. Stephen Gass, the inventor of SawStop’s industry-changing contact detection technology, will step down from his role as president. Dr. Gass will take on a new role as Vice President of Innovation, focusing his efforts on developing groundbreaking future products for the company.

Matt Howard, SawStop’s current Vice President of Marketing, will take on the position of company CEO. Mr. Howard is a nine-year SawStop veteran with a long career in sales and marketing for manufacturers.

In addition, Patric Clewing will become the company’s CFO. Mr. Clewing has worked within the TTS Group for more than two years and is currently SawStop’s Vice President of Finance.

Dr. Gass commented on the changes: “I love this company, and am proud of our people, our products, and the difference we make every day. I’m excited to be able to focus entirely on invention and innovation, knowing that the stewardship of SawStop’s strategic and day to day business is in good hands.Matt has proven himself to be smart, energetic and passionate about SawStop,and he is surrounded by a stellar team of executives, managers and contributors, including Patric, our new CFO. Great things are ahead for the SawStop Team.”

Incoming CEO Matt Howard added, “SawStop is a special company. Here, people take care of each other and work hard every day to protect and inspire woodworkers. We are fortunate, graced with stellar dealers and supply chain partners. We’re a bold group, eager to take on the big challenges. I’m thrilled to be a part of it all and am thankful to Steve and the whole team for the strong company they have built. I will work to keep the road ahead clear so this team can continue to run at full speed.”

SawStop Table Saws:

SawStop, established in 1999, is the world leader in table saw safety. Each SawStop saw stops and retracts the blade on contact with skin. The company’s saws are designed to minimize saw-related injuries and the costs associated with them. SawStop is a proud member of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems group of companies. Learn more about SawStop at

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