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    • Circular Saws 2013

      Cutting Tools, Outdoors, Power Tools, Saws April 26, 2013 Sonia

      Next to the trusty electric drill, a good handheld circular saw is the must-have tool for the pro handyman and DIY homeowner alike. No other saw can perform as many cutting tasks in such an affordable and storage-friendly package. From ripping, cross-cutting, plunge-cutting and more, circ saws can cut partial kerfs, beveled edges and compound angles. Today’s next-generation saws have […]

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    • Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

      Cutting Tools, Saws, Tools April 1, 2013 Sonia

      FAST. EASY. ACCURATE. Timberline Sharpener is the portable precise tool that works on any chainsaw.  The key to the tool is a solid platform that won’t bend, flex, or otherwise move during sharpening. This acts as a fixed guide to sharpen each cutting tooth to the same length, height, and angle. Professional loggers and arborists as well as occasional chainsaw […]

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