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Apollo 1040 VR HVLP Unit is Our Tool of the Day

HVLP sprayers offer the highest quality finish available for woodworking, automotive, furniture or any other application that requires an immaculate finish, and the 1040VR is the top-of-the-line unit in our opinion. This is the same unit we reviewed earlier, but felt it deserved its own blog post.  For most of  the applications I used the 1040VR on, I kept its atomization setting on high. However when I needed to apply some samples of finishes that were made exclusively for HVLP systems, the ability to fine tune a finish  by dialing in the PSI to the tenth of a pound, became apparent.  In fact the 1040VR is now set up to use the gravity feed gun for the final finish on all of my projects.

When you aren’t willing to compromise on the finish of your projects, then take a look at Apollo’s 1040VR.  It hasn’t won all of those awards for no reason, it is a serious tool, a tool at home in the hands of an artisan or a production finisher.

The Apollo 1040VR  is a four turbine unit with a precision LCD that displays atomizing pressure that is accurate to 0.10 PSI.


  • 4 Stage
  • 8.0 PSI (.055 bar)
  • 130 CFM (3.68 cmm)
  • Dual Air Filtration
  • HVLP Only – Single Spray Gun
  • 110VAC – 60HZ or 240VAC – 50Hz
  • 30 lbs/13.6 Kg
  • 15″ X 8.5″ X 12″ (38.1cm X 21.6cm X 30.48cm

For more information check out Apollo’s site at


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